This year’s CES 2017 saw thousands of tech companies showing off their cool inventions and tech products that might hit the consumers market this year. Here are 6 coolest tech products that stole the show.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest meeting of tech savvies, comes up with latest inventions and new products in smart home appliances, smartphones, robotics, and many other advanced electrical and electronic products.

The January of this year opened up with CES 2017, where many new tech products were brought into light. Although, thousands of tech companies tried marketing their inventions, a few products shined brightly above the others. Starting from underwater drone to the futuristic robotic toys, here are 6 products that impressed the most:

  1. Underwater PowerRay drone

Pocket-sized drones and air-borne drones that follow around have already started finding their places among many consumers, but with the PowerRay drone PowerVision has taken the approach to the next level by bringing the concept underwater. This drone is entirely waterproof, and can swim upto 30 meters below the water level.

It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi, and a sonar tracker that could help fisherman track fish or any other material underwater. Some versions of PowerRay also come with a 4K camera that could capture videos and photos underwater. This is one of the great inventions of recent times.

  1. LG’s “Wallpaper” Television

LG launched its new flagship, incredibly light and thin, 4K OLED TV in the Consumer Electronics Show this year. It’s officially called the “W-Wallpaper” TV because this can be adhered to the wall using magnets.

This TV is very thin and the user might never know that there’s a TV in their room. It’s designed to look like the user is watching pictures on the wall or through a window. It has already hit the markets and comes in two variations – 65-inch and 77-inch screens.

  1. “PicoBrew” home brewer

PicoBrew, the home brewer can brew upto 5 liters of beer in a few hours. The device was originally launched during the Kickstarter campaign last year, and it comes with more than 40 brewing options. Users can now brew their own beers at home using this imported piece of home brewing. It will cost around $800 and will give an unlimited supply of beer.

  1. The Moro Robot

This robot is about to make things easier for the user. It does almost all chores, like picking up groceries, pouring drinks, and can even fold the laundry. This white cylindrical robot is 4-feet tall and is designed to move in almost all directions. This robot has arms, and the system also includes facial and voice recognition to take up commands.

  1. Rapael smart glove

This glove was the most welcomes product at the CES 2017. The glove is capable of wrapping around one’s wrist and it senses the user’s motion at once. This glove was originally developed to help stroke patients to rehabilitate, through a series of virtual activities. Many physicians have already got the patented Rapael glove and suggesting them for their patients.

  1. The Lego coding kit for all

Lego launched its new building cum coding set that takes Lego games to the next level. This kit can add movement to the Lego models and kids can build 5 different models out of it. The kit comes with its own sensors and motors that work with a corresponding application. It features around 60 coding mechanisms and also lets the user to add voice recordings to their codes. Thus the user could also make their toys move and talk at the same time.