Comfortable clothes that also serves as a style statement are hard to find, but the t-shirt is such a garment which is comfortable as well as trendy. It is now not only considered casual wear but also serves as a formal wear which looks classy and stylish too. There are wide varieties of t-shirts available online like customized t-shirts, t-shirts with different neckline, prints, fabric, sleeve- length etc.

As you all know weather is re-fashioning itself so, why don’t  you re-fashion your wardrobe? Winters are the season where you have to take care of your skin, as winds are cool and dry which makes your skin harsh. A little alteration in your clothes will make this winter worth enjoying. T-shirts are the most common and stylish garment you have, it is suitable for both men and women. Not only it’s comfortable and stylish but also the most versatile and evergreen attire of your closet that can be worn in any season. As there is a wide range of t-shirts but I like full hand t-shirts the most because of their versatility. They protect you from the scorching heat of the sun in summers and in winters it protects you from cold winds and keeps you warm.

Full hand t-shirts are boon for plumpish people, who have heavy arms, it covers their arms and gives them confidence, as many people especially females are more conscious about their appearance, a good outfit can bring your confidence back. As winters are here it’s challenging for some people to wear several layers of clothes, so for this simply wear a thick full hand t-shirt with a jacket and it can be a great option. This will be more relaxing than to wear a bundle of clothes. If you are a fitness freak and cannot make a compromise with your daily workout routine this winter then these t-shirts are best to team up with your jogger pants. It can keep your body warm that also enables you to work out with ease. Jogger pants are a traditional style of sports pants that are lightweight and comfortable, it has an athletic appearance.

T-shirts are flexible garments that can be teamed up with any bottoms to give you a classy look. There are many brands which offer you full hand t-shirt, each brand has different specifications with various varieties and are affordable too. Some of the latest brands are as follow

  • United colors of Benetton-  Every men’s favorite brand that designs swaggy t-shirts worth owning. If you want a sporty fit or printed colorful t-shirt you get them all from UCB. Their product range is very wide, they have polo, striped, checked, and many more varieties. Their pricing starts from 539-2199 rupees. You can get these from it’s the official store or from various websites like jabong.com, Myntra, Flipkart, etc
  • Tommy Hilfiger – This logo is making waves for generations and remains the most adored and raved brand in India. T-shirts of this brand are of supreme quality and amazing styles. They also have a wide range like polo, solid, stripped and much more. These brands’ t-shirts are easily available on various online shopping apps like amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, and many more.
  • Spykar- It is the most desired brand of young generations and you will completely love it, they have a stunning collection if you like funky printed t-shirts, should give them a shot at their collection. They have a range like ombre, striped, plain Their price is starting from range 476-2699 rupees.
  • Levi’s- Levis is the brand, that is bound to make you classy and suave. Their t-shirts give you super casuals as well as a semi-formal look. If you are not an admirer of printed t-shirts then this brand is completely for you. It’s pricing is starting from 374 –2699 rupees. You can garb exciting deals in t-shirts on various shopping apps like Flipkart, Koovs.com, Ajio.com.
  • Bewakoof- Your list is incomplete if you did not include Bewakoof t-shirts in your wardrobe. This brand offers you a wide range of quality t-shirts that too at very affordable price starting at just rupees 250. Their quirky prints are so eye-catchy that one can’t take one’s eye off.

So, here are some of the amazing t-shirts brands with the latest fashion as per your convenience. Every style has its boon like these full hand t-shirts,  that are so much compatible in every season and for every type of person. The right styling and fashion sense always give you confidence and makes you attractive.

Biggest Beauty Myths about Your Nails

Listen women, there are a couple of things you may have been taught throughout the years concerning your nails that basically aren’t valid. We have a rundown of excellence myths about your nails that are similarly as false as the eternity crossed fate, and some of them may amaze you. From one normal drying procedure that may really be harming your Mani as opposed to helping, to solar nails, and a typical confusion about what the little white spots on your nails may mean, we have you covered.

Myth: Putting nail polish at all times is harmful for growth

Everything the nail plate needs to develop and work is given by your body – in the circulatory system – not by the outside components. Actually, keeping them polished may keep the normal oils in your nails, so is better for them!

Myth: Polish dries faster when put in water

Polish dries when the solvents inside the solution vanish – placing them in water will simply stop this drying procedure!

how to remove solar nails

Myth: Artificial nails are harmful for nails

It sincerely relies on upon the correct procedure of applying AND expelling. Neither acrylics, norsolar nails or gel should harm your nails, if done accurately, so pick your salon well.

Myth: Nail filing is useful for your nails

Really, this is one method to debilitate your nails – potentially making the edges peel. Ensure when you’re filing that you begin from the edge and move towards the inside. Attempt the short-short-long movement, make certain to utilize a fine file, and be delicate with it. Likewise, just file your nails when they are totally dry.

Myth: Nail polish with vital nutrients for your nails

Not genuine. Vitamins and supplements can just reach your nails through the circulatory system by eating admirably. Some nail oils have “vitamin E”, yet that is there as antioxidants to help shield the nail plate from unwanted exposure to the components.

Myth: Pregnancy medication results in good nail and hair growth

Numerous ladies have awesome hair, gleaming skin and long nails while they’re pregnant. What’s more, yes, this can be credited to these vitamins, yet they’re not to be taken unless trained by a specialist. Taking excessively even one vitamin could cause skin issues or make you utterly sick!

Myth: It is a must to keep nail polishes locked in a cool place at all times

It’s not important to take up additional room, since this does not keep your polish any fresher. While the cool temperature will bring down or control the thickening of the polish, the most ideal approach to keep it fit as a fiddle is to make certain to safely tighten the top between polishes.

5 Little Known Facts about removing Solar Nails

Having well groomed nails is always a plus point as it enhances personality and helps make a lasting impression on others. Some might prefer plain well trimmed nails but there are a few who get their nails done by trained professionals. Not having good quality natural nails is no more a problem as the artificial nails trend is fast catching up with the acrylic and solar nail procedures. Of the two due to its longevity solar nails are preferred by many as they last longer and are relatively low maintenance. The process of removing them is also not very cumbersome. Either one might take professional help at salon or can do it at home. For a quick removal at home search the phrase how to remove solar nails online and there you are with the complete process.

The Removal Process

Generally the removal process involves dipping your hand in a bowl of acetone but some prefer the chemical free process to be on the safer side. As there have been instances of the fingers getting burnt due to the chemical.  Now the question arises on how to remove solar nails without acetone. This can be done by three ways. The first method involves the use of a dental floss. For this procedure, one would require a partner as it cannot be accomplished alone. The initial step is to pry up the bottom edge of the acrylic nail and ask your partner to gently slide the floss underneath. Once he or she gets the perfect hold ask them to slide the floss back and forth very gently to get rid of the artificial layer. It is advisable to do one nail at a time to avoid injury.

how to remove solar nails

Similar to the previous method, we can also use a laminated business card instead of a dental floss. Once you pry up the acrylic nail gently slide the card up and down making way across the nail bed. After finishing buff the nails to clean them.

If the above seem tough one can just file the solar nails as well. The coarse side of the buffing tool is perfect for this. All you have to do is file the artificial nail to an extent where only a thin layer is left on the real one. Now pry up the fake nail from the edge using the cuticle stick and clip away the acrylic with the cuticle scissors until the artificial layer is gone.

Precautions for Removal

Once you finish peeling the artificial layer always buff the nails to clean them. After the procedure it is important to apply a cuticle cream or a moisturiser to restore the nails and skin around into its natural shape. When using acetone free methods ensure that the filling is done with utmost care to avoid injury.

10 Lifestyle Changes That Helped Ease Your Anxiety

There are so many reasons to feel anxious; you may feel stuck and unsure over an upcoming event. Anxiety has both physical and emotional symptoms that lead to sleeping problems, increased heart rate, and discontinuation from co-workers, family, and friends, and poor concentration at school and work.

Thankfully, there are many easy ways you can use to beat your anxiety effectively.

Leave your work at workplace

Here are the lifestyle changes that can help cope with anxiety and depression:

Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep leads to overall anxiety and stress, or a direct reflection of it. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can engage yourself in activities such as a warm bath or listen to some soothing music.

And if you’re like people whose brains start humming just before bed, do some mental exercise. A good sleep has the most effective chances to manage your anxiety.


It is recommended to take a small and quick break while doing work. Laughter has the ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Try out watching funny videos on YouTube, read jokes, or play with small kids.

Leave your work at workplace

In today’s world, the biggest stress of people is their job; try to set boundaries for you. Switch off your work phone to avoid unwanted calls, and emails.

Get active

Regular cardiovascular exercise can help in reducing anxiety. Start a 30- to 60- minute walk or do some physical activities such as dancing, running, swimming, biking, rowing, surfing, and rollerblading and sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball.

Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude to others helps you reduce anxiety. You can donate your unused clothes to your homeless shelter; share your positive reviews with others.

Check your diet

Anxiety makes your body weak, so to provide proper support to your body, eat foods that contain nutrients like omega-3s, vitamin B, and healthy wholegrain carbohydrates. These things will help you build good mental health, regulates serotonin level, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Do meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety and makes your brain healthier. It is also proven that meditation increases the amount of gray matter which helps to write your body to stress less.

Learn to breathe

Deep diaphragmatic breathing has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Short and shallow breaths denote anxiety and stress in the body and brain. Breathing exercise will strengthen the breath that helps send a signal to the brain.

Express gratitude

Go green

Start your every morning by drinking green juice, or eat lots of green vegetables. If you don’t like eating green vegetables, you can make a mixer of juice by adding green vegetables and fruits. It will make you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Start reading

Read books of your choice, related to your career, or about inspiration and investing. You can also choose books written on anxiety, which helps in coping stress and anxiety.

We’re human, and we always worry about things that produce anxiety and stress. To avoid such freakiness, start this little move to change your thoughts, to calm your body, and make sure that you consult a psychotherapist to tackle the issue more significantly.