How to Decorate your Dining Room in 6 Simple Steps?

After the COVID-19 attack, we come to know the benefit of connecting with our loved ones. So, if you’re concerned about it, dining rooms are indeed the heart of every home. They are the space where we share time and create good memories with family and friends and indulge in everything entertaining.

A beautiful design dining area reflects your style and taste to make the experience even better and sweeter.

6 Steps to Decorate your Dining Room Perfectly

Here are the top 6 steps to get you started whether it’s a part of an open-concept or a stand-alone room, your dining room should be beautiful, functional, and practical.

  1. Allow the Architectural Details of Your Home to Guide You

You should always pick the style of fabric and wood that mimics your home design. It will also add character and makes a statement look to your room. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to create a contemporary dining room as you live in an old-century house!

You can mix your interior design style and times to work together as long as the contrasting style visually appears within the room.

  1. Think the Space and Scale

It might be challenging for you when you start planning your new dining room, but once you create your wishlist and plan then the furniture placement can be painless.

Your planning process can get much easier if you think about the shape and traffic pattern of your dining room.

  1. Mix Different Styles of Furniture

Nowadays, interior design rules say, you can mix different wood colors of your furniture as long as they get the same undertone. Try combining different patterns and fabric colors until they follow the color wheel rule.

All you need is to think out of the box when it comes to mixing different styles of your dining room’s furniture.

  1. Find the Perfect Area Rug

The rug area of your dining room should be large enough for the chairs and table to fit about 2 feet of the additional carpet around them.

It would be better to use a large rug for your dining room and instead of choosing a small rug, try to not have an area rug under the table at all.

6 Steps to Decorate your Dining Room Perfectly

  1. Light Fixtures

A beautiful chandelier or other style light fixture above your dining table is the main focal-point that reflects the overall space and its design. You can also add a cove lighting, wall sconces, buffet lamps, or pendant light to make the difference.

  1. Wall Décor

The art in your dining room should be something that completes the overall appearance. All you need is to know the correct wall measurement to fits your art well in your wall. There are many art styles as display options to choose from for your dining rooms – a large mirror, gallery wall, family photography, canvas wall art, a plate collection, and so on.


Functionality is essential in building a comfortable and happy life, not just a stylish one! That’s why it is rather important to customize every aspect of your dining room set such as the perfect size, material, design, shape, and finish touches to create a more modern yet cozy appeal with wall art of your choice like brach art paintings or you favour city or monuments like eiffel tower paintings artwork.

Get Started With The Best Industrial Interior Designs HDB

Singaporeans enjoy comparing themselves to others: who would have the bigger automobile, who has higher grades, and which food court has the best meals. Houses are no different. There are a variety of housing alternatives accessible, and the interior design of a home can occasionally be influenced by the house’s fixed construction. Regardless, your Industrial Interior Designs HDB is also capable of looking immaculate. To learn more about it, see this article.

What about great interior designs?

industrial interior design hdb

The industrialized home design style emphasizes exposed architectural components like piping, brick, and cement, as well as a minimalist design philosophy, and is informed by converted factories from the Industrial Era. Incandescent light bulbs, open floor designs, and a cold, neutral color palette are all part of the interior design style.

While the style is centered on open, minimalist spaces, the incorporation of numerous rustic materials in furnishings and lighting elements allows homeowners to incorporate industrial interiors into any living area. In living rooms, dining rooms, and throughout the home, contemporary homes combine a mix of industrial, mid-century modern, and farmhouse styles to create a pleasant blend.

5 important points to be remembered in interior designs

Even though the industrial interior design hdb is defined by simple layout and fewer accessories, seven traits characterize the style and may inspire decor ideas:

  1. Appropriate contracting color palette:

Industrial spaces don’t employ white in the same way that other minimalist designs do. It employs a color palette of whiteness, greys, blacks, and neutral brown tones.

Take in the spirit of natural light: Large natural windows featuring black glass, sometimes in a grid design, are common in industrial decor.

  1. Emphasis on building materials:

Open floor designs and high ceilings are hallmarks of the industrial style. Buildings have exposed brick, concrete flooring, electrical pipes, and exposed ductwork instead of drywall or wallpaper.

  1. Choice of materials:

A castor-wheeled wooden coffee table, a repurposed bookshelf, and refurbished dining tables are all staples of industrial and a terrific way to incorporate natural features into the metal-heavy components.

  1. Ideal light bulbs:

Edison bulbs, whether hanging alone or in a cluster as a chandelier, are a typical feature of industrial home furnishings. Large metal domes, pendant lights, and floor lamps with visible bulbs are other important manufacturing design ideas if you like something less bare.

  1. Lines of geometric graphic design:

This style prefers crisp, geometric lines, especially those formed with black metals, to sinuous boundaries and patterns, whether it’s a windowpane or steel wheels on bar stools. It’s not to be mistaken with the highly styled graphic.


So now that you have known the basics of interior designing options, you can choose the best interior designers in Singapore to upscale your overall home aura.