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6 Awesome Tech Products Launched in CES 2017

This year’s CES 2017 saw thousands of tech companies showing off their cool inventions and tech products that might hit the consumers market this year. Here are 6 coolest tech products that stole the show.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest meeting of tech savvies, comes up with latest inventions and new products in smart home appliances, smartphones, robotics, and many other advanced electrical and electronic products.

The January of this year opened up with CES 2017, where many new tech products were brought into light. Although, thousands of tech companies tried marketing their inventions, a few products shined brightly above the others. Starting from underwater drone to the futuristic robotic toys, here are 6 products that impressed the most:

  1. Underwater PowerRay drone

Pocket-sized drones and air-borne drones that follow around have already started finding their places among many consumers, but with the PowerRay drone PowerVision has taken the approach to the next level by bringing the concept underwater. This drone is entirely waterproof, and can swim upto 30 meters below the water level.

It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi, and a sonar tracker that could help fisherman track fish or any other material underwater. Some versions of PowerRay also come with a 4K camera that could capture videos and photos underwater. This is one of the great inventions of recent times.

  1. LG’s “Wallpaper” Television

LG launched its new flagship, incredibly light and thin, 4K OLED TV in the Consumer Electronics Show this year. It’s officially called the “W-Wallpaper” TV because this can be adhered to the wall using magnets.

This TV is very thin and the user might never know that there’s a TV in their room. It’s designed to look like the user is watching pictures on the wall or through a window. It has already hit the markets and comes in two variations – 65-inch and 77-inch screens.

  1. “PicoBrew” home brewer

PicoBrew, the home brewer can brew upto 5 liters of beer in a few hours. The device was originally launched during the Kickstarter campaign last year, and it comes with more than 40 brewing options. Users can now brew their own beers at home using this imported piece of home brewing. It will cost around $800 and will give an unlimited supply of beer.

  1. The Moro Robot

This robot is about to make things easier for the user. It does almost all chores, like picking up groceries, pouring drinks, and can even fold the laundry. This white cylindrical robot is 4-feet tall and is designed to move in almost all directions. This robot has arms, and the system also includes facial and voice recognition to take up commands.

  1. Rapael smart glove

This glove was the most welcomes product at the CES 2017. The glove is capable of wrapping around one’s wrist and it senses the user’s motion at once. This glove was originally developed to help stroke patients to rehabilitate, through a series of virtual activities. Many physicians have already got the patented Rapael glove and suggesting them for their patients.

  1. The Lego coding kit for all

Lego launched its new building cum coding set that takes Lego games to the next level. This kit can add movement to the Lego models and kids can build 5 different models out of it. The kit comes with its own sensors and motors that work with a corresponding application. It features around 60 coding mechanisms and also lets the user to add voice recordings to their codes. Thus the user could also make their toys move and talk at the same time.

Porous bones

You must have seen old people all bent over, most of them bed-ridden, others just immobile. All these are symptoms of osteoporosis – a word which literally means porous bones. In old age, bones become soft. Spines curve and the back collapses or loses shape. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. Human bones are strongest at the age of thirty. After that, they get softer. Every woman above the age of fifty may develop soft fractures at least once.

Identifying Osteoporosis

You may not realize that you have osteoporosis. If you have a chronic back pain with change in your spinal column or vertebrae, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes, it may take a fracture to find out if your bones are weaker or losing density. Nearly a million cases of fractures are due to osteoporosis. When vertebrae collapse and change the shape of spine, the patient has spinal compression fractures. These can be tiny fractures which may affect spine, hip and pelvic areas. They are a sign of collapsing or softening bones. Bones lose mass or density with age. Such fractures lead to loss of mobility and in some cases, the patient may not even be able to sit up straight.

Identifying Osteoporosis


Around five years after menopause, women’s bones start changing. Bones are made up of collagen and calcium phosphate. Collagen is a protein and calcium phosphate a mineral which makes the bones hard and strong. Loss of calcium is the biggest cause of softening bones. Osteoporosis is marked by increased presence of osteoclast which breaks down the bone tissue, making them softer.

As people age, bone loss occurs naturally. Not all of them get osteoporosis but some are more vulnerable, especially women. Smoking and sedentary lifestyles without adequate vitamin C & D intakes can increase your risk of getting the disease. Other causes include excessive drinking, steroid intake, drug which treat inflammation, eating disorders can all lead to bone loss and higher chance of getting osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is considered women’s disease due to its higher prevalence in women but it can occur in men too. In males, it can go undiagnosed for the same reason that it’s more prevalent in women and so men may not even be tested for it. Bone density test can diagnose more accurately. A DXA scan, which is basically a double X-Ray can measure the amount of bone density in both hip and spine.


Medicines that can improve bone density depending on the age and foods which increase your calcium and maintain bone density are prescribes.

10 Lifestyle Changes That Helped Ease Your Anxiety

There are so many reasons to feel anxious; you may feel stuck and unsure over an upcoming event. Anxiety has both physical and emotional symptoms that lead to sleeping problems, increased heart rate, and discontinuation from co-workers, family, and friends, and poor concentration at school and work.

Thankfully, there are many easy ways you can use to beat your anxiety effectively.

Leave your work at workplace

Here are the lifestyle changes that can help cope with anxiety and depression:

Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep leads to overall anxiety and stress, or a direct reflection of it. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can engage yourself in activities such as a warm bath or listen to some soothing music.

And if you’re like people whose brains start humming just before bed, do some mental exercise. A good sleep has the most effective chances to manage your anxiety.


It is recommended to take a small and quick break while doing work. Laughter has the ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Try out watching funny videos on YouTube, read jokes, or play with small kids.

Leave your work at workplace

In today’s world, the biggest stress of people is their job; try to set boundaries for you. Switch off your work phone to avoid unwanted calls, and emails.

Get active

Regular cardiovascular exercise can help in reducing anxiety. Start a 30- to 60- minute walk or do some physical activities such as dancing, running, swimming, biking, rowing, surfing, and rollerblading and sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball.

Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude to others helps you reduce anxiety. You can donate your unused clothes to your homeless shelter; share your positive reviews with others.

Check your diet

Anxiety makes your body weak, so to provide proper support to your body, eat foods that contain nutrients like omega-3s, vitamin B, and healthy wholegrain carbohydrates. These things will help you build good mental health, regulates serotonin level, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Do meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps in reducing stress and anxiety and makes your brain healthier. It is also proven that meditation increases the amount of gray matter which helps to write your body to stress less.

Learn to breathe

Deep diaphragmatic breathing has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Short and shallow breaths denote anxiety and stress in the body and brain. Breathing exercise will strengthen the breath that helps send a signal to the brain.

Express gratitude

Go green

Start your every morning by drinking green juice, or eat lots of green vegetables. If you don’t like eating green vegetables, you can make a mixer of juice by adding green vegetables and fruits. It will make you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Start reading

Read books of your choice, related to your career, or about inspiration and investing. You can also choose books written on anxiety, which helps in coping stress and anxiety.

We’re human, and we always worry about things that produce anxiety and stress. To avoid such freakiness, start this little move to change your thoughts, to calm your body, and make sure that you consult a psychotherapist to tackle the issue more significantly.

5 Tips Every Budding Entrepreneur Must Know

Work plays a vital role in your life, it just doesn’t stop with providing three square meals a day. You can either choose to work for a big organization or start your own business. Most people consider it as American dream to start their own business rather than working for an organization. Starting a business of your own can be quite challenging; you’ll not be answerable to anyone but you.

Owning a business comes with a lot of benefits and risks; you must be ready to spend enough time, money, and research. Make sure you’re ready to face the ups and downs of your business, especially, profit and loss. However, you’ll feel more interested in the growth of your business rather than someone else’s business.

Here’s a list of to-dos list you must keep in mind before owning a small business:

  1. Time, the most treasured asset

A lot of people aspire to start their own business, but most people lack sufficient time to start and manage their work. You must be able to manage your time to strike a perfect balance with a small business and a day job elsewhere. Prioritizing your activities isn’t an easy job, you’ll be a great entrepreneur when you master the art of prioritizing your tasks.

Have a business plan and work your plan

  1. Patience, Rome wasn’t built in a day

It’s crucial to be ambitious and the drive to start or improve your business, however, you might need something more than these, patience. Make sure you’re not impatient and hasty with your business decision and goals. It would be false hopes if you thought you could improve your business overnight. It’s suggested that you provide sufficient time for your business to grow gradually.

  1. Money, the most crucial aspect to start a business

Your dream of owning a business might remain as a dream without the proper funds; most people wish to start a business as they lack sufficient funds. It’s suggested that you make an in-depth study of how much funds are required to start a business and maintain its smooth operations. However, you might come across unexpected expenses, make sure you allocate certain funds for these miscellaneous expenses.

  1. Research, a skill which most people lack

You might have the weirdest business idea, but make sure that you do a proper study of what’s the expectation of the people. Most people fail to check if there’s sufficient demand for a particular product and step into the business. It’s not necessary that you have to come up with unique ideas, you can use the ideas which are in practice and perform better than your competitors.

  1. Have a business plan and work your plan

Most people might have a lot of ideas to start a business but fail to perform well when they don’t follow a set business plan or strategy. It’s agreed that creating a business plan is a tedious process, but it’s a vital part of every business. If you seek monetary backing from investors or banks, it’s a mandate to have a working business plan.

LED Home Lighting – The Latest Trend for Refurbishing your home

LED home lighting is one of the latest trends that has captivated everyone who want to revamp their home décor. This is one of the major trends that is shifting in the culture.  There is a lot of difference in the lighting system these days. They range from some bulbs to the use of sensors and mechanics. By installing LED you can actually aggrandize your interior space to a large extent. There are a lot of different ways in watching you can use the home led lighting. This system of lightning is one of the right ways in which you can regulate the amount of light in a particular space. LEDs being very petite,  they can be sued as the spot lights to focus a particular portion in your home. They provide great ambience as they can blend very well with the natural light .

LED Home Lighting

Led lights home can be sued as decorative lights as they play a great role in improving the decoration of the house walls and gardens. They can be also used in other places like boats and vehicles which make them look more attractive. As the LED home lighting is bright and cool, they can be used everywhere and at any point of time. Being available in multifarious designs and colors, they will certainly ameliorate the home ambience. You can choose from the wide range of colors complementing your home interiors. Some of the commonly available LED home lightingare blue, red, yellow, green etc. you let of the home led lighting bouncing off directly from the surface , thereby enhancing the home beauty.

The first important thing the house owners' house remembers that, these lights are friendly to the environment and conserve a lot of energy. Thus it will cut down the electricity expense to a large extent. You will be able to save a lot on the electricity bill. They are instantaneous; you do not need to wait or them to react online the traditional ways of lightning.When home led lighting are used in the right manner, they offer a beautiful and elegant appearance of the rooms. They can be used to lighten up the reception room or the staircase. The major advantage why people choose these lights is that they are consistent and highly economical. You can also use them for your work area during the night time. They will never distract you if you use them in the right combination. The led lights home can be available in the electronics store in a much cheaper way.

Maintain Your Automobile’s Health With Registry Repair Tools

There are different types of car repairs designed to work withdifferent makes and models. To maintain each separate vehicle systems, such as vehicle transmission and engine, you need a functional registry repair tools.

Here’s a list of the kind of mandatory registry repair tools every mechanic should have in his tools bag:


This is a must-have tool to carry in your mechanic tool kit. It’s used to provide grip and work with different elements of your vehicle, such as bolts and nuts, fasteners, etc. Wrenches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can use in the place of sockets.

There are two types of sets including astandard set and a metric set. The metric size wrenches are used inalmost all modern vehicles, but the bolts in some cars come in standard size. It’s always recommended to maintain the automobile’s health by using superior quality of wrenches.



Screwdrivers are mandatory in every mechanic’s tool kit. They are available in six different kinds, like standard length screwdrivers, heavy-duty flathead screwdrivers, torx screwdrivers, stubbed screwdrivers, long screwdrivers, and flathead screwdrivers that can be used for different purposes.

Torx screwdrivers are used in electronics manufacturing; stubbed screwdrivers are used for removing sensors and tight spaces. The small flathead screwdrivers are used to hold the intake choke open during tune-ups.


Just like wrenches, ratchets are used for tightening or loosening the nuts and bolts. It permits motion of only one side while preventing the motion of the opposite side. The size of your ratchet ranges from small to large depending on the make and model of your vehicle. A good mechanic should keep all types of ratchets handy to tackle a situation that needs attention.


If you’re someone who works with complex connectors, handles brakes, or needs to change hoses often, this tool is for you. You’ll find the market brimming with different kinds of pliers, like vice pliers, regular pliers, and long and short needle nose pliers.


In an automobile, hammers are used to knock a stuck rotor or any stuck component back to shape. There are different kinds of hammers available today – rubber mallet, ball pein, cross and straight pein–are just a few must-have hammers you’ll find in every seasoned mechanicstool kit. You’ll even find hammers to remove dents and dings from car panels.

Jack stands

This is a mechanical device used as a lifting device to lift heavy materials or loads. Mechanics use this to provide better support for vehicles while changing a flat tire, oil, or replacing front and rear brakes. Make sure you use a heavy material to hold the wheels to the ground.

It’s recommended that you watch videos for your specific vehicle if you’re not familiar how to securely jack the automobile. Make sure you keep a LED flashlight handy toallow you work under a car effortlessly. It can also help you see the internal parts without any trouble.

Automobile tool kit to fit your needs

These are the very basic set of automotive tools that can help you with your work. When you own a vehicle, it’s a good idea to keep a functional tool kithandy at all times. Owning a great set of registry repair tools is a fantastic way to make sure you’re prepared in times of trouble.