Movie theatres, television and online movie streaming sites, these are the things and places that people go to in order to watch a movie. Over the years there had been a drastic update in terms of technology in movie platforms that made watching movies even better. But which is better, is it the theatre, the television or the online streaming sites?

movie streaming sites

There has always been this debate if watching the movies in theatres, at home or streaming in anywhere through online sites matter, in some ways it does. The experience will vary this is because these various movie platforms have various environmental conditions that can affect your viewing experience. In the end, it all boils down to the availability and personal preference.

Why a movie theatre: A movie house or a theatre has a ton of gimmicks to make people enjoy the things that they are watching. In some selected movie places you got IMAX, Dolby digital surround sound, 3D technology and so on that can enhance your movie experience. You are also watching in groups, which makes it more fun and traditional.

Why a television: Movies watched on televisions have this homey and comfortable vibe into it, probably because you’re watching it in your home. Thanks to smart technology you can now browse online movie sites for you to be able to see your favorite shows. Television technology is not lagging when it comes to technology because you got great sounds, you can get 3D TVs, Ultra High Definition.Oled, Amoled, LED in a curved or flat display and so on. Who said TVs are boring?

Why the online streaming sites: The online platform has either the paid ones of the free ones. But this article will not compare both, but rather discuss the common strength. It may not have the physical or hardware component but it relies on the technology given like mobile devices and tablets for an individual to watch movies. This is the most informal way of watching movies because of its capacity to be mobile thanks to tablets and mobile devices that people can just watch movies anywhere and anytime.

The final verdict: Does it really matter which is better? No matter what technology it is, and no matter what platform you will watch the movie from, in the end, the consumers will still win because they will have more options to enjoy a good movie. Why be loyal to one technology when you can experience all right? Everybody wins if you choose everything because the most important thing of all is the movie experience.

Watching a movie can vary, it depends on the medium that you are using (theatre, television, online streaming). These mediums vary in technologies, strengths, and capabilities that choosing any of it will be a matter on what is available to you as a user. If you have the time and you want to watch Black Panther in IMAX go to movie theatres, if you want that curved bright and crisp TV experience at home that goes so well with a good couch, buy one and if you want to find a good site for online streaming that has good quality contents you can visit