Having well groomed nails is always a plus point as it enhances personality and helps make a lasting impression on others. Some might prefer plain well trimmed nails but there are a few who get their nails done by trained professionals. Not having good quality natural nails is no more a problem as the artificial nails trend is fast catching up with the acrylic and solar nail procedures. Of the two due to its longevity solar nails are preferred by many as they last longer and are relatively low maintenance. The process of removing them is also not very cumbersome. Either one might take professional help at salon or can do it at home. For a quick removal at home search the phrase how to remove solar nails online and there you are with the complete process.

The Removal Process

Generally the removal process involves dipping your hand in a bowl of acetone but some prefer the chemical free process to be on the safer side. As there have been instances of the fingers getting burnt due to the chemical.  Now the question arises on how to remove solar nails without acetone. This can be done by three ways. The first method involves the use of a dental floss. For this procedure, one would require a partner as it cannot be accomplished alone. The initial step is to pry up the bottom edge of the acrylic nail and ask your partner to gently slide the floss underneath. Once he or she gets the perfect hold ask them to slide the floss back and forth very gently to get rid of the artificial layer. It is advisable to do one nail at a time to avoid injury.

how to remove solar nails

Similar to the previous method, we can also use a laminated business card instead of a dental floss. Once you pry up the acrylic nail gently slide the card up and down making way across the nail bed. After finishing buff the nails to clean them.

If the above seem tough one can just file the solar nails as well. The coarse side of the buffing tool is perfect for this. All you have to do is file the artificial nail to an extent where only a thin layer is left on the real one. Now pry up the fake nail from the edge using the cuticle stick and clip away the acrylic with the cuticle scissors until the artificial layer is gone.

Precautions for Removal

Once you finish peeling the artificial layer always buff the nails to clean them. After the procedure it is important to apply a cuticle cream or a moisturiser to restore the nails and skin around into its natural shape. When using acetone free methods ensure that the filling is done with utmost care to avoid injury.