Animals offer humans companionship, love and security in the most extreme situations. Of course, this is not the only reason why people choose to adopt a pet. If you are considering getting a pet, you will need to start by doing thorough research. There are many factors to consider when getting a new pet and if you have never been a pet owner before, you will find it extremely difficult to adapt to taking care of domestic animal. Below, you will discover more information about pets and why you should consider adopting one.


How Long Have Humans And Dogs Lived Together?

While everyone knows that dogs and humans are best companions, as well as humans and felines, they do not know the extent of such a relationship. Humans and dogs have been living together for nearly 15,000 years. When you consider that time period, you will understand why humans today are still attached to dogs. In most cases, dogs can adjust to a new home extremely well, but sometimes the new pet owner will not share similar personalities as the dog.

When this occurs, the owner will need to return the dog to the pet shop or adoption center. Believe it or not, this not such a rare event, because many people discover the pet they chose does not share their personality. For instance, toy breeds are more suitable for older people, who have time to set around and hold them all day long. If you are an active or on-the-go person, you will have limited time to spare for such nurturing, so your best bet will be a large breed, such as a Collie, Labrador or Whippet or Sheepdog.

Animals And Humans Share The Same Diseases

Everyone knows that animals get sick just like humans. However, they do not know that humans and animals share the same types of diseases. Diabetes, bladder stones, cancer, kidney failure, congestive heart failure and arthritis are just to name a few diseases, shared by animals and humans. If your pet is diagnosed with one of these diseases, the veterinarian will prescribe the same type of medication as your physician would prescribe you for the same disease.

Canines Can Pick Up Different Scents

Canines have a very powerful nose, which is why they are often utilized in forensics, law enforcement and now in hospital settings. Canines are capable of detecting different types of cancers, dead bodies, unique human scents, flammable substances and symptoms related to specific diseases.

Birds Are Not Classified As A Domestic Animal

While thousands of people own birds, they are not classified as a domestic animal. A domestic animal is a type of animal that has been bred for thousands of years. Birds kept inside a cage are very similar to their wild counterparts.

Sleeping Habitats Of Your Cat

If you have never owned a cat or kitten before and you are now brining home your first there are a few things that you need to know. Cats are incredible sleepers and they like to sleep long hours throughout the day. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that an average cat can sleep anywhere from 13 to 18 hours a day, which is considered pretty average.

Watch Out For Obesity

If you are going to your pet primarily an indoor pet, you need to know that indoor cats have a high risk of become obese, which can lead to tons of health related problems. This probably has to do with all the sleeping that they do throughout the day. Once they do gain the weight it is even harder for them to work it off, because they don’t get much exercise. One great way to avoid this is to make sure that you are only feeding your cat the exact amount of food that he or she needs and go easy with the treats.

Litter Box Training

It is a major misconception that all cats know how to use the litter box, but this is simply not true. Young cats that have never been introduced to a litter box might have a problem, but it should be easy enough to properly train them to use the litter box.