The feel of the steering in our palm, the perfume like the smell of the new car, the cushioned seat, and the plastic wrapped accessories, all intoxicates many of us.

Almost all of us have a great desire to drive a car and most importantly to own one. But the financial status doesn’t permit us to do so. And purchasing one through loan is like hitting the head with a hammer and is more of committing suicide. Enjoyment of buying an old car is more than living in debt of new car.

Why not buy?

Firstly as depression occurs in a car, repair cost increases exponentially. A time arrives early when the repair cost is more than the cars worth.

Not knowing the actual age of the car could risk us a huge amount. There may also be some issues with the previous owner which could be passed on and could be really problematic.

Why buy?

The broader question is why to buy used cars because there are hard reasons not to buy one. But the truth is to buy one has a stronger reason.

  • Depreciation-The depreciation rate of the car is very high. In 3 years 40-50% of the car prices fall down. So to buy a used car can save lots of money.
  • Lower insurance-No one can give a say on accidents. To reduce the risk, insurance becomes a must. Used cars have lower insurance. Money efficient again.
  • Certified pre-owned cars-Want to get a feel of a new car, CPO could be an option for you. In CPO car owners repair the car before selling it to a dealer. However, the rates are lower than a new car but higher than used cars.

Some big shot actually sell their car within months or a year and with a price much lower.

Where to get them

There are dozens and dozens of car companies who deal with Used cars in el cajon. Enquire about the best possible one near to your area. A list of used car dealers could be surfed on the internet as well. Know their reviews, get aware of their service and then proceed.


If you are in El Cajon then purchasing a used car would be of great choice to you. There are a lot of dealers to go to who could provide rates much lower than the rest. Many dealers are available in less than a mile range from one another.