Choosing a venue for any private party is not that easy. Especially for those who organize their own event. It is not as simple as deciding where to have dinner. You should be careful when choosing an event venue. The venue sets the entire tone of your event. Make sure that you know what your event needs. Guest capacity and approximate head count are the first things you should consider. The ambiance of the venue also plays a large role in setting the tone of your event. It is also important to take a look at the amenities present in an event. If you are looking for a private room venue Hong Kong, here are four you should consider.

House of Madison 

Laid out like a home with a private and personal vibe. It has interiors by Norman Chan set out over three storeys. There are two open kitchens fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment. Private dining rooms for up to 30 guests are on the first floor. The one on the second floor accommodates up to 32. And on the third floor, it can fit up to 44 guests. There is a garden terrace with an outdoor grill. A wine-tasting room is also available. Each of these areas benefits from the built-in sound system and projectors. As well as televisions and wireless microphones. You can rent a room and bring in a caterer of your choice to have the whole floor to yourselves.

Private room venue Hong Kong

The Ocean 

One of the appeals of The Ocean is the unhindered sea views. This place has a beachside bliss vibe. Perfect if you want to be near the beach but do not want to stay outdoors. The sheer size of the space is also something to consider. Spread over 10,000 sq. ft., it looks onto Repulse Bay Beach and the South China Sea. The interiors of the restaurant celebrates the beautiful vistas in Hong Kong. A curving ceiling resembles the ocean. It morphs from deep blues to sandy tones as it approaches the floor-to-ceiling windows. These look out over the beach and beyond. There are bubble-like lights hanging above the coral reef-inspired booths.

Aquariums filled with floating jellyfishes serve as walls. This is a unique factor you might want to add to your private party. Its menu focuses on seafood. Agustin Balbi serves as the executive chef with Yukio Kimijima as the Japanese sushi chef. They can create whole menus for special occasions. They can also pair wines, bespoke cocktails, and customize cupcakes.

Two of its three private rooms can accommodate up to eight people each. This is perfect for intimate private parties. The third one can seat up to 12 guests.

Fish & Meat 

It offers an urban rustic French feel. The location of Fish & Meat is on Wyndham Street. It has plenty of raw wood, concrete floors, and mesh lanterns. These give the space the look of a charming country home. Head chef Russell Doctrove serves fresh seafood, meat and homemade pasta. The chef divides the menu into small and large plates. The restaurant’s cocktails are a must-try. The in-house mixologist can create original cocktails for special events. This is a great option for bridal parties.

Two private dining rooms can accommodate 8 to 10 people each. You can also combine them to fit in 16 to 20 people. There is also a bar area and a terrace. This is a great spot for partygoers to spill out onto as they enjoy an arrival cocktail.


It offers the glamour of the harbour in a unique setting. Out-of-towners usually love this. You can find Hutong on the 28th floor of the One Peking building in Tsim Sha Tsui. It boasts stunning views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. It serves up flavourful, heady Northern Chinese fare. It has a setting inspired by this region and its charming hutongs. Or alleyways. Your overseas guests will love the Chinese antiques and metal-studded wooden doors. As well as the red lanterns and silk curtains.

The space has room enough to host a large-scale dinner. If you want a smaller event, you can interconnect the three dining rooms. It allows you to host a party for 48. You can also use the three dining rooms as they are and accommodate 12 guests each.

Set menus are available but not obligatory. In includes free-flow wine and other beverages. Hutong is also open for special menus created for the occasion.