The way you handle the US immigration forms can determine if you get what you want out of it or not, there are many types of these forms and it is unfortunate that many people make mistakes as regards the right one to fill. As a result, they get their requests turned down. You can learn more about the various types of immigration forms from  If you want to naturalize, seek for permanent residence or make a request for an alien relative, there is a specific kind of form for that ad this website is one of the best sources of information about how to handle each of these forms.

In the course of this write-up, we will enlighten you about how best to handle the forms so that you will not have your requests turned down by the concerned authorities.

Provide only correct information

One of the many factors that lead to the rejection of the applications submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is that many of those submitting the application forms make mistake while filling the forms. This can be due to misinformation or due to avoidable mistakes on the part of the person filling the forms.  Some of the errors committed while filling the forms may also be intentional, especially when the person filling the form intends to deceive the USCIS officials.

Fill Your USCIS Form

It is in your best interest to seek adequate information on how to fill each of the forms so that you do not commit any avoidable error in the process. One of the best places to get the kind of information you seek is The website can guide you on how to fill the forms so that your request can be granted without any hitch whatsoever.

You should also not attempt to deceive the USCIS officials; they will almost always find out if you make such an attempt.  It is not advisable to use false data in any of the application forms.  Such intentional or even unintentional errors will lead an outright rejection of your application; as if that is not enough, you may also be banned from applying again. You will, therefore, be shooting yourself in the leg if you ever fill the form wrongly, either intentional or otherwise.

If you are requesting for naturalization, for example, and you make mistakes while filling the form, the USCIS will not only reject your application but will also prevent you from applying again, which will prevent you from being able to naturalize again.