The markets for smart thermostats are rapidly growing, and on top of it are Nest vs Ecobee. Both companies have developed and improved their products over the years, which guarantees that customers are always getting the best products available.

An excellent thermostat will save you a good amount of money and keeps your house as comfortable as it can. Smart thermostats will learn as you use it customizing your experience from your habits and preferences.

This guide aims to help differentiate the two leading products in the smart thermostat market. Moreover, we will provide you with comprehensive facts that would help you make an intelligent decision. 

Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen

Nest Thermostat is a self-programmable thermostat that learns about your habits and temperature preferences. It also knows whether you’re at home or away for a vacation. It is easy to install and immediately learns your preferences. Nest also adjust the temperature according to season automatically. Users can also use different mobile apps that give them full control wherever they are. It also provides energy reports so that users will know how much they are saving monthly. Nest thermostat also can control several HVAC systems, though it won’t work well with multistage systems.

Ecobee 3

Ecobee 3 uses efficient remote sensors to improve the motion control in your house. With the help of the remote sensors, it can detect if anyone is home or not. It is also easy to install and can support Apple’s HomeKit. The Ecobee 3 also adapts to your activities and schedules like when you go out for work when you sleep, and others. It also saves energy giving you a lower electric bill every month. One notable thing about Ecobee is that it seems to have poor customer service, visit here. 

Similar Features of Nest and Ecobee

The leading brands in the thermostat market share several similar features. They both adapt to your schedule and preferences and learn through time. They also save you a ton of money and has easy installation procedures. Both brands also have dedicated apps for full control. These apps send notifications to inform its users about issues with the system. A reliable internet connection is also needed for them to work.

There are only a few differences with these brands. A notable difference is that Nest has been proven to be the most compatible with HVAC systems while Ecobee works with Apple’s HomeKit. Ecobee also has a built-in voice recognition system.

Choosing Which One is Better For You

While both products are excellent in terms of their features and benefits, choosing the right one that is most suitable for your needs is necessary. If you have Apple’s Homekit, the Ecobee is the better choice. If not, then go with Nest as it is most compatible with HVAC. Bottom line, choose what is best for you and your home.