A share registrar is an organization that works on behalf of a company. It manages the registry of shareholders for that company. Some of the responsibilities of a share registrar include the following:

  • recording of changes in share ownership;
  • issuing of shareholding statements; and
  • managing dividend payments, bonuses, and rights issues.

There are several organizations that offer shared registry services. It is vital to choose which among those organizations is the best for your company’s needs. Here are some firms to check.

Snowball Effect

They offer a shared registry service that simplifies management. They help with the legal obligations the company has with its shareholders. Snowball Effect provides an online share registrar. It tracks investments into a company over time and includes an investor dashboard. Investors can review their individual shareholdings using this. Companies can manage their share registry by logging in. You can assign lawyers, accountants, and company directors as registry managers. They can log in to view and update the share registry. The share registry of the Snowball Effect is easy to use and you can manage the entire system online.

Outsource accounting Malaysia

Link Market Services

They work with their clients to deliver shareholder services for companies. Their experienced teams can support onshore and offshore companies. They get involved in every aspect of the market, including daily registrar functions. Their core service is register management that includes administration and communications. They maintain and update share registers while responding to shareholder inquiries. You do not have to worry about the registration and certification of share transfers. They will also prepare and send dividend share certificates. Link Market Services also reconciles dividend bank accounts. Part of their duties also involves evaluating and producing reports on proxy cards. For offshore companies, they can also provide services including print and mail facilities. You can also have online shareholders services and a full transfer agency service.


They are proud of their integrated and purpose-built registry platform. They have a modular system that lets them improve their feature set. Your costs stay down because they focus on automation and streamlined processes. You can be confident that your data is never at risk because of their parallel development. They also have a rigorous testing process that ensures this. Their share registry services is unlike others. They let you develop solutions depending on your specific business needs.  You can manage your register with ease and at your convenience. When you avail of their service, you will have more time to focus on growing your business. You no longer have to worry about the registry management. You can also have client service managers to guide you through their range of strategies. These will help you increase shareholder engagement, use registry analysis, and ensure compliance.

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