Many people avoid Singapore due to its ill-famed overpricing of everything. While on the other hand things are totally opposite. Since Singapore is a multicultural country with Chinese, Indians and Malay that together makes the population of the country, these cultural differences highly impact the taste of food. You will be surprised by the intensity and diversity of this country’s local flavors. If you live to eat then it would be nearly impossible to miss Singapore local food tour.

Book your food tour online

With the advent of globalization and modern technology, half of the human chores can be done online. If you think planning a food tour in a foreign country can be hectic and time-consuming then this article might change your thinking forever. You can easily book online food tours, bus tours, private tours and basically any type of tour you want. There are many benefits to booking online because it provides you ample choices to choose from. You get to choose the duration of your tour, the language you want the country’s tour in and the price according to your budget. The price can range anywhere from Rs4000- Rs 20,000 depending on different websites and their packages.

singapore local food tour

Singaporean cuisine

Even though Singaporean cuisine has allowed new flavors and spices to blend with old dishes, it does not mean you cannot find authentic Singaporean cuisine in the country. You can easily find various authentic local food joints at different places or Hawker markets. Moreover, many locals prefer to eat at vendors in hawker markets rather than modern and fully furnished restaurants and cafes. This happens due to the reason that the food at hawker markets is cheap and made with recipes passed on to many generations. Some of the authentic delicacies you cannot resist are

  • Chili Crab– Chili Crab also known as the national dish of Singapore is popular seafood loved by both locals and foreigners.
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice– The Hainanese chicken recipe knows how to win hearts with its succulent and simple flavors. It is a rice dish with tender and juicy chicken pieces served with garlic-chili sauce.

Singapore’s fusion bites:

Owing to the cultural and religious diversity, the country has a lot more to offer along with its authentic delicacies. There are more restaurants in Singapore than what you might be thinking right now. You can also go to a rooftop restaurant to enjoy your meal with an unimaginable view. It is much more than providing comfort food when restaurants have spiced up their level of serving.

This small country has a lot to offer from its famous open captivity zoo to enticing Orchard road. Its time you should stop thinking and book online a Singapore local food tour. Singapore is heaven for wanderlusts and food lovers. Prepare yourself for much more than local tempting flavors at rooftop restaurants.