Member of the famous, magnanimous Dawood family, mariyamdawood, has offered fantastic help to those concentrating in the clinical field. Notwithstanding supporting Pakistan’s initially committed organ relocate focus, the Dawood Foundation has empowered various careful offices into the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi.The Aga Khan University and its emergency clinic in Karachi are central in a lot of Pakistan’s clinical exploration.With liberal gifts from the Dawood Foundation, the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has pushed its clinical program higher than ever. The expansion of coordinated working rooms and progressed neurological hardware have impelled AKUH into the fate of clinical learning.

Merits of the Mariyam Dawood foundation: –

  • The center for innovation in medical science(CIME):

Situated at the Aga Khan University, CIME is a world-class learning goal for future health care experts. The CIME involves three structures: The Ibn Sina Building, the Shiraz Boghani Building, and the Mariyam Bashir Dawood Building. The giver supported focus contains showing spaces, hi-fi test systems, and master clinical learning situations. These incorporate telemedicine centers, a heart catheterization lab, and a ghost head dental lab. These modern offices are enhanced by driving edge correspondences innovation. It empowers global specialists to join study halls from anyplace worldwide, increasing the value of training with AKUH.

Bashir Dawood

  • Working Rooms in CIME:

The Dawood Foundation has supported the most recent Brain Surgery Technology at AKUHBreakthrough surgical suites inside the Aga Khan University Hospital. These suites are present with incorporated working rooms, empower doctors to work with more proficiency than any other time in recent memory. New instruments have been made accessible for improved exactness, and patient data is more quickly available to clinicians. It has all been done to improve the personal satisfaction of patients inside the complex.

  • Propelled Neurosurgery Equipment in CIME:

The Aga Khan University Hospital is unimaginably pleased to be one of the leading emergency clinics outside North America. It gives the top-level neurosurgery hardware to patients. A Neurobiotic Exoscope, the Penetero Microscope, and a Deep BrainStimulation gadget have all been added to the Neurological suite at AKUH because of the Dawood foundation’s gifts. This neurological driving suite brings AKUH one bit nearer to accomplishing the objective of turning into a world head in neurosciences.

Mariyam Dawood is amazingly regarded as having one of three structures at CIME bear her name. This charity was committed to her in the wake of swearing her striking humanitarian help towards her venture, with her husband Bashir’s help. For quite a long time, the Dawood family has embraced a few foundations in Pakistan and worldwide. Encouraging the making of commercial and worldwide medicinal services arrangements is an endeavor they proudly support.