Every car will have its own emission level from manufacturing and it cannot be changed but somehow controlled to a certain level. So instead of trying to take measures after buying a car, it is best if you would make several research on the car emissions before buying one. If you have already bought a car without knowing the level of emission that it would make everytime, you could just install a automotive catalytic converter which will reduce the toxic gases releasing into the air.

Here we have provided some guidance on how to choose the cars with the emission rate specified for each. They are as follows,

catalyst converter

  • If you are a good environmentalist and doesn’t want your car to emit a lot of green house gases that are toxic, you could buy the cars given below and choose one based on their features and performance. First comes the electric cars. These cars need no diesel or petrol to run instead use electricity as the fuel.These cars also emit some green house gases but not much as the petrol and diesel cars does. Also some long range electric cars seem to emit more of carbon dioxide than the diesel cars. So look into it properly before buying.
  • Next comes the hybrid plug in electric vehicle in which it has a battery as well as another input like gasoline to run the car. The battery of this car can be charged by plugging into an external power unit. This car will run with the help of battery and when it seems to get depleted, the electric motor will use another fuel back up like gasoline to run the car. The amount of emission caused by this vehicle is still lower than the diesel and petrol vehicles. So you can opt to buy this car if the price range suits you.
  • Next comes the gasoline cars. This uses a gas cylinder that is capable of holding some amount of gas that is needed for the vehicle. The engine in the car will take some gas and air round to form a mixture and this will get compressed out of engine. This mixture of gas will then act on all the mechanical part of the car to make it work and move. Although the speed of these cars are not up to the diesel cars, emissions are less. Do buy these cars and install a automotive catalytic converter which will greatly reduce the amount of bad gases like carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide by directly releasing into the air. This is how you can control air pollution from your side without hurting the surroundings and environment.