Visa Prepaid Gift Cards is the perfect last-minute gift idea for anyone on your gift list. They are especially attractive to college students and are a convenient way to pay bills or buy goods online. We used ours to book hotel rooms, book textbooks for home school, and pay for telephone insurance. They are accepted wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, and you can use them to purchase goods in person or online.

No need to send cash or checks to a college student from your gift list

Send them a gift card instead. You can buy them in packages of two: one for you and one for your university student. If you buy gift cards at certain stores, such as Wal-Mart, you can convert them to a rechargeable card. This means that you can have one card with you, and the other with the student, and you can continue to add funds to the cards. You can fund your account using your card, but a college student can get instant access to funds using your card.

Another advantage is that you can connect to the Internet and see how the funds are used. You can get an extract online at any time. This will not only help you find out where the money is being spent but also inform you about when the funds will run out so you can reload the card (no more phone calls to your house asking for money). Being able to see activity on a card is also a good way to analyze your budget with your university student.

Visa Prepaid Gift Cards are a great gift for teens

They are safer than cash, but teens can spend them the way they want. Teens also like to have a sense of ownership of a debit card, not just cash. They are excellent Christmas sock packers. Another fun idea is to take a Visa gift card, put it in a small box, and then put it in a big box. This will make you guess.

Gift cards can be purchased at most major stores

They can often be found in-car services, supermarkets, and discount stores. You can get them in various denominations, such as 25, 50 and 100 dollars.

Use a gift card for a subscription service, such as Netflix, Gamefly, or other online monthly subscription services. Again, this makes it an ideal gift for a teenager: just make sure you have enough on your card to pay for the service for 6-12 months (you can also check with mom and dad to make sure that everything is in order if you buy it for someone else’s teenager).

Visa prepaid gift cards are a convenient last-minute gift idea and are safer than cash.