Bitcoin was created to be a decentralized cryptocurrency. This means that, unlike fiat money, there is no centralized source of power that controls the supply and demand of bitcoin units in the market. Instead, it uses cryptography to secure its network, something you’ll continue to hear about in trendy Bitcoin news.

3 Valuable Cryptocurrency Trends for Bitcoin Holders

The invention has become more valuable than ever before with growing adoption by numerous organizations worldwide (such as IBM) who are adopting blockchain technology for use in their business models like never before seen. Here are trends in Cryptocurrency that can be valuable for Bitcoin holders.

1) Bitcoin’s transaction volume

Although Bitcoin is no longer the most profitable Cryptocurrency to mine (XRP, Ethereum & Dash are all more rewarding), it still has shown immense potential for growth in terms of usage. This means that if you believe Bitcoin is here to stay and will only grow in popularity over time, holding Bitcoins instead of selling them off could be a lucrative move as far as long-term investments go.

2) Security of transaction

Bitcoin platform is built for security, which means that the currency’s value will only increase with time. There are several ways how you can keep your Bitcoins safe.

First and foremost, do not store them on exchanges because it makes you a target to hackers who could potentially get access to all of your coins in one go if they successfully hack into an exchange (although this is very rare).

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Instead, move your bitcoins offline onto a USB stick or even memorize the private key yourself by writing it down and hiding away from prying eyes! This way, there isn’t any digital trace left behind should someone attempt to hack into your computer or online storage service.

3) Bitcoin’s price

Lastly, Bitcoin has shown us that it can be a good investment vehicle for many people worldwide. Many of today’s investors are starting to see its value and investing in bitcoin mining rigs or buying bitcoins directly from exchanges like Coinbase.

This is great news because when you own Bitcoins, you don’t necessarily need to sell them off if their price goes up (although you might want to pay your bills with them).


Simply put, Bitcoins are here to stay. It’s one of the most secure types of Cryptocurrency that money can buy, and its usage will only increase as time goes on. If you’re seeking a haven for your money or looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is still one of the most profitable coins to hold today. Read more about this in Bitcoin news.