Pakistan and its infrastructure

Due to the instability in the political sphere in Pakistan’s country, Pakistan’s infrastructure was poorly built, and in some areas, basic amenities are also not there. This has affected the Pakistani people greatly. Because of poverty and other religious issues, many terrorist organizations are still active in Pakistan and hamper little to no development process that happens there. One can say that the wealth gap between the rich and poor is why these issues are still prevalent there. The rich want to get rich and don’t help the poor to rise to their level. All this has affected the common people living without almost no basic amenities provided to the poor people. Basic amenities like clean and safe drinking water, twenty-four hours of electricity, good education, and one of the most important things medical facilities are not easily available to the common people there.

Some good people like Bashir Dawood:

But some good things are happening for Pakistan. There are some mighty people in Pakistan who do not want their country to fall behind other countries and want them, the citizens of Pakistan, to have a life that almost every other developed country is enjoying. One of those people is bashir dawood coming from the acclaimed Dawood family of Pakistan, which is one of the most influential families in the country of Pakistan. The philanthropic work that Mr bashir dawood has done is immense, and his contribution to the improvement of a medical facility in Pakistan is a force to reckon with. He has donated very handsomely to the transplant center in SUIT Pakistan, one of its kind in Pakistan. These are only some of his work in this sector.

Transplant center:

The center, which was only able to open due to the money and effort poured in by Mr. Bashir, is only of its kind in Pakistan. There is no other type of transplant center out there in Pakistan. It is said that the center is situated in an area which is equivalent to two lakh fifty thousand square feet. It will transplant very rare organs that are very tough to get, such as the liver, intestine, bone marrow, pancreas, etc. These organs are very delicate. They require professional personnel to look after them. It is said that the center is staffed with one of the best doctors in the whole of Pakistan. The center has all the state of the art facilities when it comes to the transplant business.


People should take inspiration from bashir dawood and do good deeds.