A confinement food delivery system is a system of food delivery, to a confinement place or a hospital, where confinement of a patient is going on. It is an ancient method where a certain individual is placed inside a confinement zone for health reasons.

When did the idea of confinement start?

Confinement food delivery is a type of system where the Chinese people used to confine mothers just after their deliveries, for about 28 days. A confinement food delivery system was started so that mothers who had just delivered their babies can stay at a place for about 28 days, without any interference from the outside world.

They were taken care of well, and they were properly provided proper nutritional foods, and it was done so that the babies that were born would become healthier adults. It was a type of recovery plan that was started by the Chinese people, due for many different reasons.

Why was confinement methods started?

The confinement food delivery system was started because just after a baby is born, the mother becomes very fragile and pale due to the blood loss that occurs during the delivery. The variety of pain, and bodily changes that a mother goes through, should be recovered well just after the birth or else the mother would become unhealthy, leading the child which would also become unhealthy or malnourished.

confinement food delivery

This tradition of confinement of mothers just after their deliveries have been successfully carried on from generations across various countries. The tradition of having a confinement food delivery system given to a confined mother in a certain place has been going on in various countries right now, and different countries have different rules related to confinement.

Where can the delivery be done?

The Chinese had a tradition of keeping pregnant mothers just before the delivery and after the baby was delivered the mother was kept in a confinement zone for about 28 days in the main household. Since there are no joint families anymore, confinement zones are now created especially for mothers and they can be done in their own houses or a separate hospital, especially design for the cause.

You can either choose a nurse that would take care of everything with the patient that would stay, sleep, eat, and do everyday things with the patient in your own house, or you can admit the patient into a specially designed hospital dedicated solely to that cause.