threading machine is used to create the threads that you see being used in pipes and bolts. They have widespread use, especially when applied in the domains of electronics, automation, and other construction-based services. Most of these machines are used to carve threads into materials like metal and plastic. This ensures that the threads that are being produced remain uniform and help with the manufacturing process. This also makes it possible to replace the threading in a failed component instead of having to completely overhaul the system.

Types of threaders that are present on the market?

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  • Manual ratcheting threaders as the name suggests need human intervention to make grooves along with the material. These are relatively easier to use and you do not require any external power source. For jobs that do not require a lot of complicated movements, this would be a good option to have. This is also quite handy and it is easy to carry around. It does require significant muscle power as one has to manually make a dent into the material’s surface. With this one can operate on a radius of up to 2 inches.
  • Many also opt for a power drill which is a faster option for getting the threading done in a matter of seconds. This does need a power supply and has to be attached to an electrical outlet for its work. You will find this being used mostly for plant maintenance drives and jobs that need a quick fix. It has the same drill head that the manual ratchet does, the only difference is that it is much quicker and the result tends to look better. It is also known to produce quite a significant amount of torque and one needs to be careful handling this.

The type of threader you need will depend on a variety of factors. One would be the scale of the project and how often you would need to use the machine. The material you are working on can play a significant role as well. For instance, a manual threader can cut through softer materials like PVC pipes and might struggle to pass through harder materials like iron. If you are using a power drill you will just end up requiring more time. Apart from those budgetary constraints will also determine which one to invest in.