The unwanted hair removal is done by various methods like waxing, shaving, or hair removal treatments. Many people choose hair removal treatment over waxing and shaving as it shows effective and a more extended period of results. But there are many hair removal treatments that you can find out depending upon their time of solutions. To choose the right option for the full body hair removal treatment, you need to be aware of the treatment, its possible side effects, and its effectiveness.

In this article, we have presented information about full-body hair removal treatments and listed some of the hair removal services in Singapore.

What is the various option of unwanted body hair removal treatment?

full body hair removal treatment


The technique involves using short radio wave frequencies at the hair follicles (where hair growth starts) passed through needles so it can destroy hair follicles and stop the growth of hair. A certified dermatologist or electrologist can only do the electrolysis process of hair removal.

It stops the hair growth for a more extended period, and for best results, you may need to visit the hair removal services follow-up sessions.

Side effects

It may pain or cause skin irritation which is a common side effect. In some rare cases, the treatment can cause infection and scarring.

Laser hair removal treatment

It is one of the popular methods which involve the use of high heat lasers to destroy the hair follicle and stop hair growth for a period.

For better results, you may need to attend multiple sessions. The hair removal lasts for months and in some cases even for a year, but remember, treatment can never permanently remove the hair.

Side effects

The most common side effect is skin irritation or redness, and the rarely occurring side effects are scarring and blistering.

Prescription Creams

Suppose you do not like the idea of electrolysis and laser treatment. In that case, you can visit a dermatologist and ask about prescription creams that prevent the production of enzymes that promotes hair growth.

Side effects

The side effects depend upon your skin, it may cause acne, redness, or rashes, so it is better to try a tiny portion of the skin before applying.

Professional tweezing and waxing

The process of tweezing and waxing by a professional aesthetician removes the hair from roots, and the results last for weeks.

Side effects

The most common side effects are redness and skin irritation which also occur with DIY waxing and tweezing.

Some best hair removal services in Singapore

  • Esthe clinic
  • Beauty Room
  • Wellaholic
  • Sheroxi
  • The Aesthetic Centre
  • Supersmooth

So, this is all about hair removal treatments and services that you can find in Singapore.