Today, everybody understands the value of their health and how much their body can take and give. And for that reason, women today are cautious with their decision to have many kids. When so that their body does not have to suffer from pain or weakness when it’s not ready. They prepare their bodies and then plan to give birth so that their body remains fit and their babies too. While doing so, these women should always get prescribed contraceptives as these are hormonal related, and sometimes excessive or lower hormonal doses can cause the worst issues. With the increased awareness of birth control today, websites or clinics are available online that provide telephonic consultation and medicines online, so visit these sites ore-clinics to get prescribed birth control online.

What is birth control?

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Birth control is a practice to control the birth or unexpected pregnancy in women, these birth control methods are practical as well as biological, and they can be stopped while sex or after sex. These birth control measures are doctor approved and safe. Some of the contraceptives for birth control are:

  • Condoms: These are products made of latex or plastic that are designed to wear upon the penis in men or inside the vagina in females. These condoms stop the sperm from entering the vagina of the female, which will further prevent ovulation in females. These are the most famous contraceptives used.
  • Contraceptive implant: Nexplanon is a small rod that is placed under your upper arm by the doctor to release progestogen hormone so that you can prevent pregnancy for three years.
  • Contraceptive pills: These pills are taken by females with combined hormones of estrogen and progestogen, which stop the sperm and egg from meeting to avoid ovulation. These pills are taken orally within 24 hours during the menstrual cycle.

Why should birth control pills be prescribed?

Birth control contraceptives should always be doctor prescribed as these pills affect your biological parts and also effects hormonal activities in your body. Appropriate steps through the process are necessary. People should consult the doctors before taking any contraceptive as they can suggest to them best what should be taken in which situation. Whether these contraceptives are healthy or not, only a doctor can suggest right without any bias, so people should always take contraceptives with a doctor’s consultation. With technological advancements, these consultations are now even online as teleconsultation and telemedications.