Giving out red packets has been a traditional Chinese custom since ancient times. In modern times, it has become a fun and unique way to celebrate holidays and special occasions with family and friends. Red packets symbolize luck and prosperity, so giving them out can be a meaningful gesture. Here are some unique ways to give out red packets for special occasions.

  1. Set Up a Lucky Draw:

Organize a lucky draw for the occasion. Place all the red packets into a box and allow people to draw out one each. The person who draws out the red packet with the most money inside wins the draw. This is a great way to make the occasion more exciting and fun. You can also create a game of chance out of the lucky draw. For example, you can have people choose between two boxes, each containing a different number of red packets. The person who chooses the box with the most money wins the lucky draw. You can create other games, such as a guessing game, whereby people have to guess the amount in the red packet to win the lucky draw.


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  1. Have a Red Packet Exchange:

Another unique way of giving out red packets is to have a red packet exchange. Ask your guests to bring their own red packets and exchange them with each other. This ang bao singapore is a great way to foster interaction and socializing among your guests. It also uses red packets as part of a game or activity. For example, you can have a game of Red Packet Roulette, where each guest holds a red packet and the lucky winner gets to keep it. You can also make it a little bit more challenging by having them guess what’s inside the packet before they can keep it. This is a great way to add a bit of fun to the event.

  1. Use a Red Packet Tree:

A red packet tree is a creative way to display and distribute red packets. Hang the packets from the branches of a mini tree or other decorative item. You can even create a fun game where your guests have to guess which packets contain the most money. Red packet trees can be decorated with traditional Chinese symbols such as red paper cutouts of coins, fish, tangerines, and other symbols of prosperity and luck. You can also use brightly colored ribbon to tie the packets together.

You can also add some fun elements to the tree, such as mini potted plants, jeweled butterflies, and other festive decorations. It’s a great way to bring life to the traditional Chinese custom of giving out red packets.

  1. Pass Out Red Packets:

This is the most common way of giving out red packets. Simply pass out the packets to each guest. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as randomly handing out the packets, or giving the most packets to the oldest members of the family.


Giving out red packets is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate special occasions. With these unique ways to give out red packets, you can make your occasion even more special and memorable.