Flower delivery singapore (floristry service) is a digital service managed using websites, allowing users to search for flowers on their devices and purchase them. Earlier, these services got conducted through telegraphs and telephone networks. But, nowadays, it is easier because of digitalization.


Online deliverable flowers (Flowers By Post) got collected in bundles/bunches at the nursery or on the farm of the importer. Then it is assembled by the distributor in his warehouse. The flowers are then packed inside cardboard boxes and directly shipped to the recipient’s address. Mostly the shipment is made by overnight couriers.


Some benefits of opting for Online flower delivery,

  • Exotic flowers are also available for buying (not found in their region).
  • Flowers are decorated by professional decorators. Flower decorations are a cute way to show your affection.
  • Same-day flower Deliveries.
  • Can also have online offers/discounts.
  • It is a twenty-four-hour Service.
  • No stock issues.
  • Flexible to buy.

How flowers are transported long distances?

 The method used to export/import flowers anywhere is by using the water-container method. Whether you buy one or too many bouquets, they are filled in a bucket of water and kept hydrated during the journey. Also, it helps to keep them in an upright position. Overall, providing a premium delivery service.

Sending flowers without an address

 While sending flowers to loved ones, you got given the option to write a message on the bouquet. People can write anything on that message. It could be their name or anonymous. It will then be the only thing the recipient would see on the message card. A Card Message is compulsory and got attached with the sent flowers. People usually sign the message instead of writing their name (it sounds more classy), or you can write it as anonymous.

 Ordering flowers online is a great way to wish for someone’s thank-giving, birthday, wellness, and affection. It is also a very successful way of sending an invitation or announcement to your well-wishers. Flower bouquets can now get delivered to almost anyone globally.

For one, the flowers will be delivered to you in a vase. This will help them last much longer and you won’t have to worry about them wilting. Secondly, the flowers will be delivered to you in a timely manner.

The flowers will be delivered to you the same day or next day, or the day which you ordered for. Lastly, the flowers will be delivered to you with a personal message. You can write a note to the recipient.