Imagine one of your teeth is broken, and you are in hard dental pain. What is the best treatment for your broken tooth? First, you must find the most professional dentist to observe your teeth condition and find the best available treatment. A fractured tooth usually needs root canal therapy, which is not an easy dental treatment. Mostly, the broken tooth has deep cracks around it. So, you will feel excruciating dental pain, which is unbearable for you. In the beginning, your chosen dentist must start removing the silver filling of your tooth. After this step, there are still some cracks in your dental nerve chamber. Moreover, your chosen dental doctor needs to remove the dental decay. As we have said, root canal treatment is not an easy dental therapy, and it can be more challenging if the dental cracks run across the dental pulp floor.

What Are the Essential Tools in Root Canal Therapy?

According to a dentist offering endodontics in downtown Toronto, the dentist needs to take a scan of your dental and oral condition and then start the root canal therapy process. Don’t forget it is essential for dentists to extract some parts of your teeth.

Files are the most critical and necessary tools during the root canal process. These files initiate the removal process of your infected dental nerve and tissue. Files are useful because they are the best solution to help clean the inside part of each dental nerve canal.

Besides files, there is a rotary instrument that helps your dental shape. It also cleans your dental canal. Since this step is compassionate, the dentist uses these dental instruments carefully with the light pressure.

The shape and look of your dental nerve change from the inside, and fortunately, you cannot see these changes. Finding every dental canal is the most critical step in the root canal procedure.

Based on the gathered information, some teeth may have several dental nerve canals, and dentists need to clean each of these dental canals. Moreover, dentists need to find the exact length of each dental canal. The root canal process is not just these steps. It is also not limited to these instruments.

What Is the Final Step of Root Canal Therapy?

After all the mentioned steps, the dentist has to irrigate the dental canals continuously. This step is useful for removing the infected dental tissues and cleaning the tooth properly.

As the final step, the dentist must use an apex locator. This dental instrument will help the dentist to identify the exact location and end of the dental canals. The apex locator will beeping when the dentist reaches closer to the end of the dental canal.

A yellow stopper on the apex locator helps the dentist accurately measure the canal length and ending point. This can be the final step for each dental canal. In the following steps, the dentist increases the size of the rotary dental tool and lets the medicament flow to the apex locator.

Unfortunately, some dental canals are hard to find. Therefore, dentists must use a dental microscope because this tool is useful in magnification.