If you are aware of it, the pelvic floor is a muscle group that is responsible for giving support to the uterus, colon and bladder of a person’s body. It also helps with sexual health and urination. That is why it is important to have pelvic food physiotherapy if you are facing any difficulty in your pelvic floor muscles. This article will give you more information about pelvic floor physio.

What is Pelvic Floor Physio?

Many people are leaning towards having a pelvic floor physio when it comes to dealing with their pelvic floor problems. This type of treatment is highly recommended by a lot of physicians because it uses specialised methods in addressing the situation without using any invasive operations. Physio New Plymouth uses various techniques to help improve pelvic floor muscle strength and control.

Furthermore, the idea of pelvic floor physiotherapy involves pelvic floor exercises that are highly beneficial in making it stronger. You also will give an idea on how to control these muscle groups better especially when you are doing different motions. The main objective of this treatment is to give back your control over your pelvic floor muscles by using it more effectively on a daily basis.

Who Can Have Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is beneficial for any individual who has a pelvic region problem. Women who just gave birth, men and women who have had an operation for prolapse or incontinence and even persons who are unaware of the precise source of their pelvic discomfort or unease, may all fall under this category.

Women who recently gave birth could experience difficulty whenever they urinate, use the restroom, or engage in sexual activity. They might decide not to do such things as a result.The muscles surrounding this part of the body can be strengthened with the use of treatments from Physio New Plymouth, making it simpler for patients to carry on with their daily activities with as little discomfort as possible.

Furthermore, it’s common to hear that both men and women who have undergone operation for incontinence or prolapse would never be able to regulate their bowels or bladders without requiring a urinary catheter. In order to restore control over their bodies, pelvic floor physiotherapy can assist individuals in relearning how to use these muscles. It is the finest choice as opposed to depending on drugs that could have adverse responses.

4 Major Benefits You Can Get From Having Pelvic Floor Tissue

Pelvic floor physio is a specialist area that can be used to help women with pelvic floor problems. This may include:

Improved Bladder Control

Your pelvic floor muscles assist you in maintaining control over your bowel and bladder functions. A weakened or malfunctioning pelvic floor will make it tougher for you to regulate your bladder or lead you to discharge urine whenever you are coughing or sneezing. Pelvic floor physio can help strengthen these muscles so they work more effectively. Physiotherapists will give you a treatment plan that will guarantee to improve your bladder control in no time.

Improved Sexual Intercourse

Strong pelvic floor muscles can improve your sexual health. As part of the actual treatment, physiotherapists will include exercises that improve your control over it like squatting or other kegel exercises for women. On the other hand, men who have premature ejaculation or problems in erection can make use of pelvic floor physio. Strong pelvic floor muscles can also lead to better orgasms during sex and more intense sensations overall.

Better Bowel Movements

You can have regular movements of stool without putting too much effort into them thanks to strong pelvic floor muscles that keep things flowing through your colon. Older people can also benefit from using this type of therapy because it helps in having more control over your faecal issues. Additionally, physiotherapists will be able to give a regimen that will drastically improve the overall health of your bowel movements. It will also address various colon and digestive problems which may include constipation.


Receiving natural pelvic floor physiotherapy is another advantage. This type of treatment is non-invasive which means that you are not going to have to deal with difficult surgeries throughout your treatment. As per instructions of physiotherapists, you can do your regimen or seek assistance if you are in need of help when you do it. You will not also take any supplements which is also beneficial since it will not ruin your kidney’s health. Because of this, it is more effective and safe.

In Summary

The pelvic floor is a crucial set of muscles which stabilise your uterus, gallbladder, and colon. Additionally, it supports the climactic response and the enjoyment of having sex. It’s important to see a pelvic floor physio if you are experiencing any issues in these areas so they can assess whether there are any underlying issues causing them. The main objective of physiotherapists is to improve the pelvic health of both men and women in general. They will be helpful in giving a personalised regimen to improve your situation when experiencing any difficulties. Aside from that, with their knowledge and expertise, they will be able to provide expert guidance.