Every child has their strengths and weaknesses. This applies to academics too. One child might be good with numbers and another might be good atoratory skills. It also varies depending on the interest of the child. When a parent observes that their child is lagging behind in a particular subject or is not showing in studies at all, then sending the kid to private tutors is a good option.

Points to consider

When looking out for a tutor, start with taking these basic points into consideration –

  • Where to find – Start looking out for someone at the same school that the child goes to. Talk to the class teacher and try to get an idea if the child is comfortable and likes the particular teacher who teaches the subject they are weak in. If yes, try to request the same person to tutor the child. If not, the class teacher might know of colleagues who teach the particular subject and might recommend suitable ones. This way you can save up time trying to search someone outside.


  • Check for Experience and Pay – These are two main deciding factors. A child needs a tutor when he/she is not able to understand the subject properly and needs help learning the concepts. And an experienced teacher is more capable and teach by giving a lot of examples and explain the subject in simple terms. And obviously, pay is directly proportional to the experience of a person. So, decide what level of experienced person will you need and how much are you willing to shell out.
  • Set Goals – it is always better to let the tutor know what you expect from them as a parent and how much you will be pitching in. If you need them to take the complete responsibility then be clear and set goals accordingly. Keep reviewing your goals and if need be sit through a few of the tutoring sessions to get a clear picture of how the whole process is going on.

The tutoring can be planned at a common place when a group of parents are hiring a single tutor for all their kids. This has its own benefits as the child sits along with peers and might start taking interest in academics or that particular subject. There is also an option where a parent can hire a tutor for their child alone and he/she can come home to teach the child or the child goes to the tutors place.

The above points are just the basics on what to look for when planning to find your child a good tutor. You might have to test a few before you settle for the right one.