This guide on Hearthstone Witchwood covers a wide range of card list and details of the brand new keywords like RUSH and ECHO and much more.

Also, the next Hearthstone expansion was revealed by Fortinite Boost yesterday and it somehow looks you can now look forward to an amazing feast of the spooky-themed cards while playing the game.

Here are some of the standout facts about the game, we’ve arranged for you:

  • The Release date: Well, according to the pre-order page, we all know that the new expansion will somehow be released on or before 30-04-2018.
  • What are the Cards: The game is all set to roll over the internet and is expected to add around 135 new cards to the game. The watchword will also consist of the general collection of minions, creatures and the spell spreads all across the individual classes along with a Neutral card pool.
  • A Single-player: The game will also bring an adventure to the Hearthstone for those who love playing alone. This is called the Monster Hunt and you can play much like Dungeon Run but with some better and unique heroes, which are not found anywhere else. You can also for the Fortnite boost guide in order learn about the game more effectively.
  • Addition of New keywords: There is an addition of two new keywords in the Witchwood, known as Echo and Rush.
  • There is a total of 6 new cards that were revealed in the trailer of the game.
  • The Echo minions in the game can be played repeatedly that too, in one turn only. This is possible just as long as the player has enough MANA and the wish to play of course!
  • Talking about the – RUSH keyword- then functionally the keyword works similar to the keyword “Charge”, but is also an associated card and can only attack other minions when playing.
  • If you have just started playing the game then the card in your deck and the requirement of the card are met. Here, you will get an advantage of the bonus effect from the very first turn of every single match.
  • .As discussed above, the expected date of release of the expansion can be on or before the 30th of April.
  • Whereas, the next batch of the card reveals that it will start with a stream which scheduled for 26th of March 2018. Also, the stream will be viewable on the official channel of the Hearthstone Twitch.