General Overview

Many good and fun games are played online at the game store calledGamestore. The website domain name used to access this game store is Some of the games played over this website that gives gamers alluring feeling is the league of legends. League of legends generates amusement to the players. Online gamers, especially new beginners gives high level of interest while playing this game because of the attracting nature. As the experience of a player gets better, he can compete with other experience players and challenge them to know who is better. Skills which is applicable in real life is gotten as you expose yourself playing the game. Fun and entertainment is the main goal for playing league of legends game. Stress, depression can be relieved when you expose yourself to play this game at our website. Before playing this game, you must buy an account from us. To make the game more fun and motivating, runes were added as a feature to the game of lol tr. Runes are known as bonuses.

league of legends new account

Ways of getting Bonus

You can achieve the league of legends runes when you beat your enemies while playing the game. The higher the enemy you defeat, the higher the runes or bonus gotten. On the other hand, when you lose a battle, you lose money. You can’t predict your winning, so this means of getting runes can be irritating, another way of getting bonus is buying it. You can buy it directly from the website.

Types of league of legends Runes

There are different types of runes or bonuses that helps players to defeat their enemies when you play the game at These runes are:

  • Mark: This type of runes are good for players to attack their opponent.
  • Stamps: Stamp bonus is used to protect yourself against your enemy’s weapon. Using stamp runes cure and reclaim your life when hurt in the battle.
  • Symbols: Symbols are used to increase your magical powers while attacking your enemy.
  • Quintessence: This runes gives bonuses to playersthat is inaccessible by other runes.