Improve Blog Content

There aren’t any bloggers on the face of this planet who do not want to improve their content. Good content is not simply an SEO factor, but a matter of pride and perception for a blogger or website.

Improving content is not simply a matter of optimizing content for no grammatical errors and richer vocabulary. It is also important to consider the quirks and behaviour of the audience. In other words, what may seem as content improvement for one niche may seem like audience alienation in another. People tend to have a different reaction to things, and bloggers must first understand which direction their audience would prefer the content to go in.

Content is an important part of Digital Marketing. While some parts of the content experience may be audience-specific, there are other issue that are simply necessary across the board. These objective methods to improve the quality of content, if implemented, cause the profile of the content to go up at an unforeseen rate.

Usually, these methods are not used by bloggers and digital marketers due to the time taken to implement these methods. In this article, we discuss how content can be improved objectively over a period of time.

Research Existing Content for Updates

Most bloggers create content and forget it ever existed. This is a wrong wayof looking at the content creation cycle.

Instead of trying to spend days creating new content, bloggers should spend updating previously written content. In many cases, data and insights provided in previous content may lack the context of present times, something which can be added to the previous copy.


Updating content is also a way of inciting crawlers to return to the website and index the page in the search engine again. Simply by making small crucial changes to old content, bloggers can improve quality and traffic simultaneously.

Cut Down on Sentence Length

What is one important difference between old classic novels and new novels besides vocabulary?

The sentences of old books are likely to be longer, thus making the story a little jarring at times. New books are likely to have shorter and crisp sentences which don’t drag on beyond 20 words.

Thus, another way to improve the overall quality of the content is cutting down on sentence length wherever possible. While twenty words is the accepted higher limit, bloggers must always try to reduce the average sentence length of any given content piece.

Include Videos, Images, Tables, and Infographics

A piece of content filled with long paragraphs is likely to turn any normal reader away. Content these days need to include relevant information in different modes of presentation such as videos, images, tables, infographics, and many more.

Thus, content creators should find ways to present content in different viable forms which are likely to resonate with the target audience.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three ways to improve the quality of blog content.

About the Author – Sheen Ben Philip blogs about writing and SEO from time to time. He currently writes for Delhi, a well-known institute for a digital marketing course in Delhi.