When it comes to Train simulators, the quality, complexity and depth of the terrain are probably the most important seconds in the cabin and the details of the instruments. This becomes evident when you see the level of detail in Train Pro Sim, which is used to create realistic world maps. You can never hone your ability to move in mountainous terrain until you travel in mountainous terrain!

World Maps Train Pro Sim are some of the most accurate and realistic simulation maps of the current market and are based on reliable information about the US military mapping. The maps, not only in the smallest details, cover almost any landscape you can imagine, for example, rivers, lakes, rails, roads, but also more than 20,000 precise models of the world’s station.

The details of the station are reduced to different intensities of runway lighting depending on the angle of your approach. This is important because over the years, visual illusions have been the cause of a significant number of accidents during the night landing. Examples of such illusions include a pilot who perceives a longer track than it really is, or assuming that total darkness on the horizon represents a dark night sky, while it may be a solid object, such as a mountain like when you check over here.

Realistic Train simulation

In fact, if you are looking for a realistic Train simulation, the world maps of Train Pro Sim are the closest to the real Train. If you move to the Chhatrapati Shivaji train station in Mumbai, you will be a little surprised by the characteristic brightness of the headlights of the cars that travel along the Western Express Highway. If you are moving across the Pacific Ocean, compare the brightness of the nearby field with the bright lights that greet you as you approach the station in an important city.

If you want even more fun, why don’t you try to move over your home, workplace or your parents’ house? When the world maps of Train Pro Sim are called military, it really means that. The data is based on the latest SRTM (Shuttle Topographic Mission), administered, among other things, by the North American Space Agency (NASA) and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), which is a division of the Department of Defense from the USA.

And the simulation is not limited to what is on earth The exact modeling of time and season means that the moon, the sun and the stars are in the same place they would be if the train took off from this particular place at a given time. If winter is in the Arctic Circle, the world maps of Train Sim World 2020 download will include this for 24 hours.


The basic Train Pro Sim installation comes with decorations for a small portion of Greater San Francisco. This “sample” is an excellent way to see the benefits of the realistic world landscape of Train Pro Sim. It is very unlikely that you will be satisfied with such disabilities. The basic landscape map package will also not provide the full experience created by Train Pro Sim. For this, nothing but complete maps of the world’s landscape will work. A complete set of world landscape maps can be purchased separately.