As the new vehicles are increasing in the city roads in the same way the there are millions of vehicles in the world whose age is increasing. As the age increases it becomes more unsafe to ride on the roads as vehicle can breakdown anywhere car reg check if there are no regular checkups. These can lead to accidents and life loss. The road safety laws say that maintained in a way that it is safe to use on roads. You might be the owner or hired a vehicle for any purpose you must be 100% sure that the vehicle is fit to drive on the road. Below we have mentioned few pre-checks which need to be done regularly.

Daily Inspection: It is driver’s responsibility to make few checks earlier than taking the vehicle out so that the vehicle does not collapse on the way.

  • Check visually the tyre for the pressure
  • Check the coolant levels in radiators
  • Check the oil in engine
  • Check the cleanness of all the windows

Maintenance checkup

 It is usually done at the vehicle servicing center. Few checkups are discussed below for your reference.

Refill vehicle oil levels: The mechanic checks the engine oil and water through a measuring stick and he either fills it up or changes if required.

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Belt check up: Here they check if the belt is loose or broken either it is tightened or replaced.

Battery: As the technology has increased now a days the batteries are maintained free but still few batteries requires the check up where they remove the battery caps and check for the level of distilled water if it is less then they fill it.

Brakes: Here they check by pressing the pedals and if it is just loose but in working condition then they tight it else they replace it.

Tyres:  In this they check the air pressure in the tyre, if required they fill it and then they check the quality of tube and tyre and also the wheel alignments. The air pressure value for front and back wheels is different.

Air Conditioning: Here the mechanic checks all the vents if the air is flowing properly also checks the cooling and fills the water.

Engine Maintenance tips

  • Regularly change the engine oil
  • Check levels of oil by dipstick
  • Check battery voltage
  • Check if the smoke release is abnormal if yes then repair is required.
  • Check if engine is making any noise.