The term infertility gets used for a couple who are incapable of becoming pregnant even after one 1year of having unprotected sex. Both men and women can get affected by it. You can say a woman is infertile when not getting pregnant after having unprotected sex for more than one year. In the case of a man, infertility gets regarded when he has few sperms or unhealthy sperms. Let’s read more about this sensitive topic in the following paragraphs.

What are the common symptoms of infertility?

The most common symptom is not getting pregnant. Sometimes a woman doesn’t find any signs. Others might have period-related problems such as heavy or no bleeding at all and extreme pain. Talking about men, they can have an issue related to erectile dysfunction.

What are the major causes of infertility?

Getting pregnant is, however, complex. Both sides should do the required things equally right. That’s why women and men can have many causes of infertility.

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Infertility in women

The first reason is ovulation. Ovulation is the egg separating from the ovaries to meet the sperm. So, women with infertility don’t ovulate every month.

You can also have reproductive system issues, such as your cervix, uterus, fallopian tube, or ovaries. Enlarged ovaries or blockage can be the problem. Sometimes women less than 40 suffer due to early-onset menopause. You can face this because of an immune system disease or genetic syndrome. Besides this, delayed puberty, disorders such as endometriosis, inflammatory disease, diabetes, lupus, and cancer can also be the causes of infertility. If you are overweight or underweight, you need to exercise to get into the required weight to get pregnant.

Infertility in men

One of the major causes is the poor functioning of sperms. It affects the quality and mobility of the sperms. Another reason can be bacterial infection which might be present in the testicles. Sometimes it comes out as a sexually transmitted infection. A man can have low sperm counts due to the enlargement of veins inside the scrotum. Retrograde ejaculation is also an issue where the sperm enters the bladder instead of going out of the penis. Apart from this, other causes include sexual dysfunction and heating of the testicles. The latter is the cause of infertility due to wearing tight underwear or using a hot tub big a long time.

To cure these cases, both men and women can go to infertility doctors. If you are a resident of Singapore, it’s easy for you to find one. infertility clinic in singapore are experts in treating infertility-related issues. You need to be patient and seek good treatment to get pregnant on time.