Incensation involves burning and charring, while the simple act of smoking causes the herbs to burn. Both methods generate smoke with high amounts of unhealthy by-products of a toxic nature, including tar (solid particles) and nitric oxide (gas). All of these by-products are harmful and irritating to the mouth, throat and lungs . Furthermore, the combustion of herbs destroys a large part of the active ingredients. This explains why vaporization is a more effective method than the classic smoke. Learn more about the high potency pre rolls.

A vaporizer uses a stream of hot air to extract the active components from the plant substance and thus generate a tar-free vapor . This process does not burn the herb and, therefore, no ash will ever be produced from a vaporization. The residual material will only have lost its color and aroma, making it easy to clean our vaporizer – just empty the ‘bracierino’ where we put the weed and that’s it. This process is called convection and avoids direct contact of the grass with a heat source, thus preventing the material from burning.

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A Safe and Clean Way

If you make a comparison with smoke and combustion residues, the level of irritants and harmful to health generated by the vaporization of plant substances is practically negligible, or enormously lower, depending on the type of substance.

Less to Produce More

While burning a herb when smoked spends its “payload” all at once, a vaporizer can triple, if not quadruple, the “life” of the same herb, allowing the consumer to resort to smaller portions for each. application, compared to those used by smoking.

Vaporizers, in addition to being a less dangerous choice for consuming weed, allow the use of plant-based substances , specially designed and created for use with vaporizers: higher levels of concentration and greater aroma density can be reached compared to those given off by combustion methods.


Vaporizing herbs without combustion means enabling the consumer to experience a cleaner, purer and more pleasant flavor, especially thanks to the elimination of many of the caustic fumes and toxins released during a smoke.

Most of the aromas of trees and plants, which we perceive as pleasant smells, are produced by volatile essential oils. The scent of pine, which we smell while walking in the middle of a forest, or the smell of lavender, are nothing more than essential oils that are released from trees and plants. Furthermore, these oils not only produce a pleasure for our sense of smell, but have real effects on our well-being and health. Lavender oil , for example, has calming effects and improves sleep. In ancient Persia, as well as in Greece and Rome, it was used as a disinfectant in infirmaries.