We live in a media dominated world. The industrial and retail sector is called the backbone of any country, however behind the curtains it is the media industry of advertising and public relations (pr) that are responsible for constantly generating traffic within these firms and increasing their consumer base. From extravagant displays of a particular brand or a particular product from that brand to subtle ways that companies come up with to leave a lasting impression of their brand in the subconscious of a person, the world of advertisement is a vast and a limitless one. One of the most cheap and common forms of promotion and advertisement is a roll up standee, which is also known as a pull up standee. A pull up standee is a vertical pamphlet that is about 7-8 feet tall, however it’s height can be customised. There are two stands that are put up on The ground and in between the ground there lies a banner. The banner between the stands of a pull up standee Singapore displays information that the owner wishes.

pull up standee singapore

Where are pull up standees used ?

 A pull up standee is something that would rarely be seen by itself. Usually they are used as a helping agent to much larger promotional schemes. They are also set up at a desired spot or venue in large numbers. A pull up standee Singapore is especially a very common sight in seminars, conferences or public events. They can be used for providing directions, instructions, general rules or just as a fun addition to amp up the space. Either way they are a favorite and pr staple among corporates, because of the fact that they are cheap, grab attention quick and are customisable to however way a person wishes. One can find websites online or any hardware store to buy a pull up standee from.

This article discusses the importance of a pull up standee from an advertising point of view. While this might be pretty much the only role of this device, one cannot deny its popularity. It’s cheapness and effectiveness have pushed corporations to use them at various events and webinars they conduct again and again. As mentioned above, they can be customised to display amy information the owner wants. Usually the information displayed on such banners is related either tk the event or the company. They are also seen on roads, displaying public safety instructions