International baccalaureate, otherwise known as IB, is a sort of course that offers educational benefits to students that choose to pursue it. It is a degree that is compared directly with AP or Advanced Placement. Although IB is still relatively new, it has gained a lot of attention among students of today, the majority of its innermost details still remain unclear to many. One of the main reason behind this could be the fact that a meagre 950 schools in the US, offer IB programme, whereas a whooping 200,000 schools offer AP programme. high school with ib diploma in singapore is another possibility and among the most popular ones in students. In a nutshell, AP and IB both teach, various issues and how to solve them, however a student pursuing AP would learn to approach an issue from different perspectives and solve it. Whereas a person pursuing an IB degree would study the evolution of the particular issue over a period of time. Both can be pursued with a high school degree.

high school with ib diploma in singapore

What do a high school degree and a IB diploma guarantee?

Many students today wish to pursue, not only a sole high school degree but also an IB diploma. This is because they truly believe that this combo would allow them to accelerate their professional career path. A high school degree would allow them to know the basics of how the world works, whereas an IB degree would make them understand the more detailed workings of the real world. They can also be field specific and get a better understanding of the field, they are sure of and wish to make a career in. When it comes to comparison between IB and AP, colleges value both of them equally, however there are certain differences that students should be aware of. Choosing to pursue a high school with IB diploma in Singapore and choosing to pursue the same with AP, may not be completely opposite paths, but they still have some key differences.

 When it comes to choosing a career, many people dive deep into research and rightly so, however no amount of theoretical research can prepare them for the challenges of the real world.  This is why it is always advised that before venturing into any career path, one does his/her own research. Only a person’s own research would help them determine what is the best course for them and help them accelerate their future further.