Getting a driving license b” is the first goal to be achieved for the majority of newly eighteen year olds, but how to choose the best path to take? We evaluate together the costs, the times, the necessary documentation and all the conditions of one or the other choice.

Being behind the wheel of a car and being able to decide for yourself where to go and when to return is the dream of all young people. It certainly involves a good dose of enthusiasm, but “first of all” a certain economic commitment and some free time, to be devoted exclusively to studying and practicing the quizzes. Evaluated these assumptions, and having chosen to embark on this challenge, there are two ways to go: get a private driver’s license or enroll in a driving school best driving lessons san diego.

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By choosing the private driver ‘s license it is possible to have the following advantages:

driving school cost reduction (approximately 700/850 euros, at the discretion of the driving school);

lower driving license costs as a privatist (about 150/350 euro savings);

autonomous management of study time and quiz exercises (following lessons on the web, studying from the online driving license manual and practicing on the app);

Among the disadvantages, however, we point out the obligation to provide for:

Documents for the motorisation

Inquire about the private driver’s license procedure at the Post Offices and/or the Motor Vehicle Office, fill in and deliver to them:

the application on the “TT2112” form for motorization registration with the relative payments made (3 slips that can be collected either at the motorization or in the driving school, normally payable only at the post offices);

a medical history certificate from your family doctor, with which it is possible to obtain a second certificate with revenue stamp, to be attached to a passport photo, + 2 photocopies of the same (this certificate must be issued by a qualified doctor pursuant to art. 119 of the Highway Code and not older than 3 months);

2 integral photocopies of the valid identity document and the certification for the booking of the driving test.

There are a total of 4 photos to be submitted for the private license procedure, one must be placed on the medical certificate and the other 3 must be submitted to the motorisation.