A brilliant, pearly smile is a symbol of health and self-esteem. That’s why it plays a vital role in determining the level of your confidence and also attractiveness. Nowadays, significant improvements and achievements in dentistry make it easy to achieve a flawless smile and correct all imperfections with the safest methods. These modern technologies allow you to improve the aesthetic of your smile and enjoy showing your teeth when you laugh or talk. Unfortunately, some incidents are unavoidable even if you try your best to preserve your oral wellness. For instance, you may lose one or more teeth due to a trauma, infection, severe levels of gum disease, and so on. On such occasions, a tooth replacement is the only thing that can save your smile and restore your dental well-being. Thanks to recent technology developments, dentists offer implant services as the best and most natural-looking option a patient with missing teeth can pick. However, according to a dentist working in an affordable dental implant center in Toronto,the traditional process may take several months to complete. Therefore, another option, Teeth in a Day, is available for those who don’t have many patients to wait this long. It gives you the opportunity to leave the office with a complete, new smile and enjoy your days. Keep exploring to understand everything you need about this fantastic protocol.

What Are the Significant Advantages? 

  • Short Treatment Period: The most crucial thing about teeth-in-day protocol is the reduced time. It saves your time and energy since there is no need to waste your time sitting on a dental chair for months.
  • Reasonable Cost:Although you may find the cost of teeth in a daily process higher than the traditional approach, it saves you money over time. Fewer visits with your implant dentist and the minor risk of complications can significantly reduce the final cost. Generally speaking, it’s a more cost-effective option than traditional protocol.
  • Immediate Cosmetic:You don’t need to endure ill-fitting temporary dentures for an extended period to have your implants ready. Your implant specialist places a fixed temporary restoration so you can leave the clinic perfectly satisfied with your smile appearance. These immediate results and functionality are a great advantage of teeth in a day protocol.
  • Better Comfort:You don’t need to visit your professional multiple times or have temporary dentures in your mouth. That’s why this approach brings you more ease and comfort compared to the traditional one. Teeth in the a-day method also help you to get used and adapt to your replacement sooner.

How Is the Process? 

First, you should visit a reliable and experienced implant dentist for the initial consultation. They assess your oral condition to determine your eligibility as a candidate. When qualified, they create a personalized treatment plan based on your requirements. It also includes 3D imaging to keep everything perfect. Afterward, your dentist removes any part of the remaining tooth and inserts implants surgically. Immediately after the placement step, they attach a set of teeth to boost your experience. You can enjoy your days under the supervision of your dentist and replace the temporary filling with a permanent one when the time comes.

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