The desire to have a set of pearly white teeth isn’t a new thing. The aesthetic attitude of human beings is always searching for methods to be more beautiful. The smile is one of the factors of attractiveness and can influence others when it’s perfect, shiny, and flawless. It explains the reason behind cosmetic dentistry’s popularity and how more people have become attracted to this branch of dentistry.

As a dentist offering professional teeth whitening services in Scarborough explains, these services help you bleach your stained teeth with a combination of peroxide compound and UV light. It’s called professional teeth whitening, the most prevalent and smooth approach offered by cosmetic specialists to improve one’s smile. Despite its ubiquity, many people still don’t have enough information about this treatment, which is essential before starting any type of cosmetic dental process. Keep reading this article to know six critical things about at-office teeth bleaching.

 A Little Pain Is Normal Even If Your Teeth Are Healthy.

It’s not unheard of for patients to experience a little ache and discomfort after the at-office whitening process. You must endure this condition for a few days, and you can expect it to be relieved afterward. Furthermore, it’s critical to pick a reliable and skillful dental specialist who uses the highest quality of whitening materials. You can also ask your dentist for practical tips to follow in order to eliminate the possible sensitivity.

Your Teeth Won’t Be Truly White.

You definitely want a natural-looking smile, not a fake appearance. Your dentist helps you choose the right dental shade and modify the whitening treatment based on your preferences. They don’t recommend you choose the brightest shades because they seem a little fake, and the results won’t be as natural as you desire. Moreover, each patient’s teeth react differently to whitening agents, and you shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations.

Regular Teeth Whitening Isn’t Healthy.

Whitening your teeth at a dental clinic can damage your teeth instead of improving your overall dental wellness. It increases the risk of damaging side effects and makes the enamel significantly vulnerable. Experts suggest bleaching your teeth twice a year at maximum to enjoy a shiny smile while keeping it healthy.

Not Everyone Is an Eligible Candidate.

Although many people desire to experience professional bleaching at least once, the techniques of this treatment make some of them unqualified. For instance, you require a healthy mouth in the first place, and people with tooth decay, periodontal disease, or infection should treat these underlying issues first. Second of all, patients with restorations such as veneers or crowns can’t receive whitening services because the gel doesn’t affect the restoration materials.

Not All Professional Whitening Treatments Are the Same.

Each dental specialist offers whitening services of a specific quality. Moreover, they use different tools, techniques, and technologies that significantly impact the final outcome.

The Results Aren’t Forever.

You can’t expect your teeth to stay white for the rest of your life. Although your maintenance quality can increase the outcome’s durability, you can’t prevent tooth discoloration over time. The best thing you can do is get these professional services once a year to enjoy your pearly white smile.

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