Nowadays, everyone desires to have a pearly smile in order to seem more charismatic and beautiful. They seek effective methods and approaches to hide or fix dental imperfections and take their smile to another level. Fortunately, everyone has a great chance to achieve a dreamy smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry technology. This branch offers services mainly focused on smile aesthetics, and the main goal is to enhance the impression of your smile so you can feel more confident about yourself. Many people worldwide suffer from tooth discoloration and stains, which make the smile unpleasant and not as charming as you desire. At-office teeth whitening is the first recommendation of all professionals when you want to remove stains from your teeth.

According to an experienced dentist offering affordable teeth whitening in North York, it’s a quick, practical, and cost-effective method to change the color of the tooth surface and make it naturally shiny. Still, you need to have realistic expectations from this treatment and understand whether your needs will be met or not. Today’s article explains what you can expect from this process and whether you are qualified.

How Will Patients Feel After the Process?

Generally, you may be uncomfortable for a few days or even one week following the process. It’s because of the whitening solution, as it makes your gums and teeth a little sensitive. It’s normal to the point you experience severe and consistent pain. In such cases, you have to contact your dental specialist and ask for professional help.

When to Call a Dentist?

It’s better to maintain regular checkups after whitening your teeth. You can also contact your dentist if you have any concerns to ensure everything is fine. Moreover, bleeding or excessive pain isn’t normal, and you should get in touch with your dentist as soon as you experience such symptoms.

Can You Go Home Immediately After the Procedure?

The answer is yes. At-office teeth whitening is a non-invasive process, and you can resume your everyday routines as soon as you arrive home.

What Changes Should You Apply in Your Everyday Life?

If you want to keep your teeth pearly and shiny after the treatment, there are some tips to consider and follow. Although professional teeth whitening brightens your discolored teeth, it doesn’t guarantee the results, and you have to take good care of them every day. Try to reduce drinking tea, coffee, and red wine and give up smoking and alcohol if you want your teeth to stay white for a longer time.

What Factors Contribute to Tooth Sensitivity?

There are two main factors that can contribute to the discomfort experienced after undergoing an in-office teeth whitening procedure.

  1. The first factor is commonly associated with most whitening products, which are designed to remove the protective protein layer on the teeth to enhance their brightness. This process exposes the pores of the dentin, leading to sensitivity.
  2. The second factor involves the penetration of the bleaching gel into the teeth, which increases pressure within the pulp and irritates the nerves inside. This can result in heightened pain and sensitivity.

These factors highlight the significance of using high-quality whitening gel and seeking the services of a reputable dentist when considering bleaching treatments.