Learning a new language can prove to be an overwhelming yet an enjoyable experience for a person belonging to any age group. People tend to learn a new language for several reasons; say, for instance, for work or travel. The benefits of learning a new language can be perfectly worthwhile, irrespective of the reason behind learning it. This article will talk about the reasons why learning English is important.

  • It is a language used globally.

English is known to be used at a higher level by somewhat around 1.75 billion people all across the world; approximately one in every four people. Being able to comprehend and speak correct English is not only limited to the ability to communicate with a native English speaker but if a person wishes to speak to a person belonging to any other country, there are high chances that English would be known to both of you.

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  • It can provide a person with a job.

English is known to be a language used in various fields, whether it is tourism, computers, science, aviation, or diplomacy. Knowing English helps significantly increase the chances of a person getting a job in an MNC within his home country or finding suitable work for him abroad. Look for english courses singapore today!

  • It is a language highly used in the media industry.

If a person can speak English fluently, he will not have to rely on subtitles or translations while watching his favorite movies or TV shows, or enjoying his favorite songs or books.

  • It helps a person to comprehend other languages.

In general terms, English is considered to be one of the easiest languages that a person can learn as a result of its simple alphabet. Once such a person has completely mastered the language, he will already have developed all the required practices and abilities that he never did before. The presence of such skills can be easily transferred to other languages that he might wish to learn in the future.

  • A person can learn more than just the basic language.

Perfect knowledge of English as a language permits a person to access literature, films, and music from hundreds of different countries all across the globe. Not to ignore the fact that a large number of books from all around the world are proved to have been translated into English. By learning and understanding English, a person can unlock the door to a world of new skills and information.


Did you know that traveling can be a lot more easy when you have a good hand in English by taking english courses singapore? Even if you belong to a country where English is not the official language, there are high chances that English might still be used as a communicational tool.