Affordable Wedding Photography Singapore: Four Of The Best Photographers

The wedding season is here, so is the time to call upon a wedding photographer. Say “I do” to wedding photography in Singapore as the wedding bells begin to ring because your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for you and your partner. Capture those priceless moments in professionally taken photographs that you will cherish for the rest of your life.But which wedding photographer should you choose?Let’s find out.


Alvin has been photographing weddings for a long time. He began photography as a pastime and transitioned to a full-time photographer in 2018. Mr. Alvin has worked for several professional firms. He created his private company in 2020 to provide quality work for his enormous customer base.

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He crafts styles that are candid, natural, and classic. He is a self-taught artist who does not simply follow the herd mentality in professional photography.


Mervin is a wedding photographer in Singapore who strives to capture your wedding’s happiest and most memorable moments. He is the man to call for an affordable wedding photography singapore. Mr. Mervin excels in wedding photography with more than 12 years of portrait photography experience, and his clients remember him as a passionate and trustworthy photographer.

Simply tell him what you want on your special day, and he’ll take care of capturing stunning photographs that you’ll treasure forever. His favorite style of photography is bright and vibrant, as most clients agree.


Miss Cho, an impeccable photographer, has over 15 years of expertise in shooting in the Korean style. Couples may expect their most beautiful moments to be caught in the most ethereal and true pictures, all thanks to her high professional standards. Before starting as a qualified wedding photographer, she and her crew went through extensive training, accumulating at least four years of theory study and an extra three years of practical training under a professional studio in South Korea.


Nathaniel is a Singapore-based freelance wedding photographer. In school, he studied advertising and graphic designing. He, apart from being an affordable wedding photography singapore, strives to tell the complete story behind each photograph he takes. Nathaniel’s wedding photography style is a beautiful vintage cinema approach. He manages to catch the mood of the day. He also specializes in proposal films, pre-wedding photography, wedding day photography, and couple pictures.

Choose the appropriate camera for your use

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In recent days there are many different brands available. There are some brands which will give you the best features at affordable rate. Might be it could be very difficult to get repaired because the spare parts for these types of brands may not be available in all locations. Hence at some point it is better to go with branded camera.

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